Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Fever.....GO CUBS

 Cubbies are in a one game playoff tonight. 
They must win. 
They will win. 
I'm serving hot dogs, chips, Peanuts and applie Pie.
Oh and BEER. 
We are beyond excited. 
Go Cubs. 

My first rice krispie treat deviation was less than successful.
I used a recipe without marshmallows.
It called for Karo Syrup and the like.
Well, they came out soupy. 
I do not think I used enough cereal. 
If at first you don't succeed, try try again.
 The Chocolate Joe Pye Weed is at its best this summer/fall.
Meant to lure butterflies, it has not done so ...ever.
Yet it blooms in the late summer and that is treat enough . 
 Our Chinese grasses did beautifully this year, also. 
I love how they are red throughout the season, not just in the Fall. But, in the fall they are even more perfect. 
They are a perennial just like the Joe Pye Weed.
Go Cubs


All that talk about the vest...well I think it was my fever. 
I caught a cold for the first time since January.
It is just a snotty pain in the neck. 
I'm so happy I no longer have to worry about sick time. 
Anyhow, today I'm really over the vest. 
I'll save the pattern but I think I just saved about a hundred dollars in yarn too. 


Mr Fezzik is 8 months old and 15 pounds. 
Tomorrow is his neuter day.  
For you Princess Bride fans, 
we hope he rests well and dreams of large women. 



Tired Teacher said...

What else can I say, "Go, Cubs!"

Katherine said...

When Max was neutered, the next day we said he was half the man he was before. In the case of dear Fez he will always be the ultimate cat and always drive the girls wild!

Joe Pye Weed--I had no idea that was the name of it. My mom used to called them snowball bushes. We had them all along our fence in Wheaton and she loved to see them bloom each year.


Araignee said...

And best wishes for the Fez man on his big day. 15 pounds? That's bigger than Pup and we think she's a monster.

Nancy Kay said...

Hey, Mr. Fezzick...I believe you'll wake up a new man. Hee, hee. He's looking like a pretty big fella!

Oh, and ...Go Cubs!

Kim in Oregon said...

Let's play two! Oh maybe not! Go CUBBIES!

Judy S. said...

Fez is catchin gup with Ginger! Yes, Go Cubs!!!

Caffeine Girl said...

Since I have absolutely no attachment to the Brewers, I'll wish you good luck with the Cubs!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The Joe Pye weed is lovely - I'm going to have to get some for my garden

Dee said...

It looks like Fezzik knows SOMETHING is up!

Oh my gosh ---- 15 POUNDS??? Giroux just topped 9. LOL

Teresa Kasner said...

Oh that cute big boy! We picked a name for our feral orange tiger cat we're feeding.. Simba. Go Cubs! (for you)
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Suburban prep said...

Cubbies WON

Mereknits said...

Since you do have our Joe now I will root for the Cubs!

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