Saturday, September 05, 2015

Which one?

 So we all know it is hot. 
Fezzik likes to cool off on the tile kitchen floor. 
Isn't he funny?
He has also discovered that the fan is a thing of beauty and he sits right in front of it. 
(Fan over air conditioning here. )
 This is the hat I'm knitting.  Rowan yarn. 
Very beige, but I like it. 
Simple 4 row repeat in the round
Knit row 1
knit row 2
K2p2 row 3
k2p2 row 4
Fireman rarely comments on my knitting unless I ask, but last night he said he might want this hat. 
What a compliment. 
(Gift over keeping for me.)
Fezzik watches the swift with amazement. 
He's almost big enough to reach the counter tops.
He chirps and runs through the house in the morning.
He tackles Pie and grooms her face. 
(Size over matter. )

Our pool closes Monday.
Fireman wants to swim laps today. 
Lake Michigan water temp is 58 to 60 so I guess he wins.
(Pool over beach!) 

Which do you prefer?
a/c or fan

pool or beach


Kim in Oregon said...

For swimming things like laps, the pool; for fun, the beach!
I prefer a fan to the A/C any time.

My cat JessieCat likes to lay down on top of the vent when she is really cold or really hot--mostly really cold. I'll walk into a room in the winter and wonder why it is cooler than the rest of the house and there's JessieCat, stretched out on top of the entire vent getting her tummy warm!

Araignee said...

AC!!!! I would die without it. I have no idea how my ancestors survived summer's without it. They must have been made of better stuff than me.
Beach vs pool? Hmmmm....beach for walking. I'm not much of a swimmer. Getting in water that other things and people have already been in is yucky to me. I'll stick to my tub for water fun.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Depends on humidity levels. :)

Beach for sure! I don't care how cold the water is. I like to have the open sky above me and a long view unbounded by concrete. Plus there's no chlorine smell.

Caffeine Girl said...

We don't have AC, except for a window unit in the kitchen, which we rarely use. I love AC, but I also like saving energy by using fans. It's a tie!
I am a beach person. I've never liked chlorine. But I get more exercise if I can do laps in a pool.
My cats pay no attention at all to the swift!

Lynn said...

Looks like the cat tipper has hit your house too..
I like your newest hat. How many stitches did you cast on and what size needles are you using? I just might need to make one soon too. Is the pretty yarn worsted weight?

bmom said...

AC. Neither on the pool/beach.

I love it when cats air themselves out like that.

Teresa Kasner said...

AC and or fan whichever serves the purpose. Pool for lap swimming, lake, river or ocean for cooling off and having fun with the kids and grandkids. I like it all! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

I don't have central air, and I use ceiling fans year round - summer to cool, winter to pull down and circulate warm air. Two years ago, I had more insulation blown into the attic area: it has helped tremendously with the electric bill: the house stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

I don't swim, but I'd rather hang out at the beach if given a choice.

Judy S. said...

Mocha loves the fan, too! We have put our fans away as now it's become unusually cool for this time of year. Quit going to the pool at our local Y as it was FREEZING, almost like the lake! I'm really a warm water fan....

Mereknits said...

I love a fan, but in Florida AC wins out every time. I want to walk at the beach, smell the salt air and swim in a pool.

Anonymous said...

We do A/C and fan ......that way we can keep the a/c at a reasonable temp (80) and still feel somewhat cool in the house. Otherwise our electric bill would be absolutely unaffordable instead of just crazy high.

As for swimming ---- pool for me although I do like walking in the ocean. I don't like sand in my britches!

Fezzik is adorable... Giroux does that same crazy running/chirping thing, but he does it morning and night. LOL

Marilyn K said...

AC for sure. Beach for sure. I don't know how to swim so no need for a pool. I would much rather be enjoying our beautiful Lake Michigan unsalted, and sharkfree.

Marilyn K said...

AC for sure. Beach for sure. I don't know how to swim so no need for a pool. I would much rather be enjoying our beautiful Lake Michigan unsalted, and sharkfree.

Tracy Batchelder said...

No swimming at the beach for me--too many things live in the water. There is no choice in our part of Texas--air conditioning is a must and ceiling fans on, too.

Judy said...

I do prefer the beach and Lake Michigan is the one thing I miss since moving to Southwest Wisconsin.

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