Thursday, September 17, 2015

Two Really Simple Shawlettes Make My Favorite Shawl

 I knit up two Really Simple Shawlettes Pattern:  Aitch Creatives.  
It is a free Ravelry pattern.
 I used less than two skeins of Schaeffer Superwash Lola.

Then I copied something I saw a bit ago, and put the two shawls together.  
The finish is fun.
You don't have to tie anything and it sits perfectly on your shoulders. 

I crocheted the One seam that links the two shawls.
You cannot see it from the right side. 

I'm super happy with this knit.

I will knit another someday. 
I think it took me 11 years to find a shawl I really love. 

Oh and the Cubs won again last night. 
Somebody pinch me!



Linda said...

Looks really good! I am making some little shawlettes that I enjoy. One day I want to knit a shawl shawl - one that you can wrap around and stay cozy!

Linda in VA

Katherine said...

I love the shawlette! Great job and beautiful colors.

Go Cubs!!

Judy S. said...

You did it! How fun!

Tired Teacher said...

Love the colors! I'm knitting a garter stitch version of a Farose shawl that is shaped to hug the shoulders. I'm about half way through. It has a curved bottom - for some reason I don't like triangle shawls on my body: they don't look right.

Kim in Oregon said...

So pretty! I'm copying you!

KSD said...

I tried that once, but the two I had were more mis-sized than I thought. Yours is beautiful.

Dee said...

Maybe your "lucky" shawl helped the Cubs win! You'll have to wear it for every game from now on. LOL

Teresa Kasner said...

Good job on making something that fits your needs to a T! I love my 3 shawls and am nearing the end of my 4th. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...


WildflowerWool said...

amazing idea!

karen said...

eleven years is a long time but at least you found the perfect shawl!! Lovely colors :)

Mereknits said...

Great idea! First of all the yarn you choose is perfect and the idea to put them together is too. Great job,

Allison B said...

Ooh you can knit me one! I love it!

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