Saturday, September 26, 2015

Okay this is going to take awhile. Let's start by saying that You my friends will take my version of the story as fact. So I'm always saying to Zach "hey we have to make a memory". Because what we do mostly is eat dinner together. He s busy working ,teaching ,seeing his girlfriend (wink wink. More on that later)
 and we need to make some memories too. So in the past we go to the paradise pup for burgers or we go to a bulls game or cub game.   Perhaps we should stick to cleaning the house together...
So I decide we should go kayaking in Lake Michigan because this is the best time of year to do this. And I'm an outdoorsy mom,art least in my head.....
So we get the kayaks in the truck after we check beach conditions on line and fireman comes along
We need someone to watch from shore and to park the truck after we drop off

Well we get there on this glorious day and it's a bit wavy. Just a bit. But I say let's forget it

   Firema n and I have gotten into fights over less er waves in door county ....

Well Zach says hey I'm going to try it. Fireman says just hit those waves head on and after you are past  them parallel  the shore and head south.

Well it went south alright

Zach maneuvers said kayak beautifully over the waves and smiling gives me the thumbs up

I'm  energized. He made it look easy.My short Hungarian feet are firmly In  the sand when I make the decision to meet him. Out there

I ask fireman what should I do if I tip.  He gave instructions and I was out like a shot. I paddled my damndest. I hit thoSe three lines of 1-3 foot waves head on. I'm whooping it up. We are all smiles.  I meet Zach. Okay. Stay close I say and parallel the shore!!!!((  woop woop
That's what I hit next a big old swell and I was out of the kayak and immediately panicked

I recall fireman saying heck you can stand out there.... but shortlittle me could not stand and I panicked more

Fireman seemed a speck on the sand. My life jacket was on loosely and I was fighting it. Wave upon wave hit me. I tell myself don't panic. Do not panic.  But I panic
I have and I'm so ashamed of this.....   No regard for my adult child who I last saw in his kayak

I tell myself I can tread water for nearly an hour. I'm so good at treading water
In a calm pool

I'm panicked. This was so dumb. The water is strong

I get on my side and swim.

But I can't really move forward or so it seems.
Fireman is on the shore calmly signaling something to me

I pull harder I tell myself to breathe between waves and swells
I try to stand.  No I can't.  This makes me think I'm way far out.       I swim. I try again to stand and again and finallyn I can.
Oh thank you God I say and I mean it. I mean it more than ever

Now as I pull myself and my paddle which I somehow hung on to towards shore. I am walking upright in the water as any human should only be in lake Michigan in the waves and I notice.
Fireman is pulling off his shirt.

Oh don't go in I tell him please don't it's so strong out there

Will you quit panicking he says. Look at Zach
I have to help him with the kayaks

Oh yeah. Mother of the year. All about me  every. Mother for herself....I'm so ashamed.
I turn around and Zachary in the  water too now trying to hang onto two kayaks and a paddle

Fireman is  s with him in a flash. Seeing them together is not quite relief

Call 911!!!!! I say  to the foreigner next to me

What?? She says

Please do it. Call '
911. We can always cancel
Then I look out and Zach and fire
Man are both standing up pulling their kayaks in
She didn't call 911.

I felt so utterly stupid.
Thank god the water wa..S 68 degrees.
Fireman said it was more like the scene in What about bob when bob falls off the pier with his life jacket on

In my mind it waS near death

Zach says he wants to whitewater canoe now

This is not the lesson I want him to take away with him

I'm a panicky person. I think I'm part squirrel I swear I am. Even my Mom  In her dimentia says I m nervous!

Thank you God I was very afraid

For me

I just bailed on Zach

I think we will stick to dinner for memories

I need a drink.
Zach said he had fun!

Lesson learned. I'm a quiet water person.
Somehow my ten dollar sunglasses stayed on

I love my boy. I love my fireman. Thank u God


KSD said...

I felt a panic attack coming on as I read this! I can't swim, which keeps me out of the water, but also away from some pretty cool adventures. So very happy you're all alright.

susan said...

What a great story! I'm sure you won't be rushing out to kayak any time soon. Yes, I'd definitely stick to dinners.

Marilyn K said...

You did made a great memory...the kind he will tell his grandchildren!
People who do not know Lake Michigan will not understand how dangerous it is. The waves may not be huge but the rip currents can be very strong.
And you did it without losing your sunglasses! You are awesome!

Araignee said...

Oh ,good golly, woman. I knew this ended well or you wouldn't be there writing it but still....oh, good golly. We just lost a neighbor who went in to check his crab pots down at the dock just a few blocks from here and never came back after tumbling in and he was a very experienced waterman. I respect that liquid stuff to the utmost and stay out of it. Oh, good golly.....

Teresa Kasner said...

Well my goodness.. sounds like a scary tale. Sorry you fell out and had a rough time getting in. Good thing your son brought both boats back! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Donna Boucher said...

Oh man! So glad it was What About Bob and not Ordinary People!

kathy b said...

Me too! I was a mess

Kim in Oregon said...

I think anytime you go in the water it is scary no matter where it is--but next time please get your life jacket on snuggly even if it is uncomfortable---

Caffeine Girl said...

I think you totally succeeded in making a memory. This is a story that will go down in family history -- an adventure with a happy ending!
It does sound terrifying, though. I know just how you felt. I fell out of raft on the Truckee River some years ago and I was sure I was going to die! We are old enough to know that bad things can happen -- I'm just glad they didn't!

Tired Teacher said...

"Thank you, God" is exactly right! I can't swim and felt your panic while reading this post. I am relieved that all worked out, but please be careful out there.

Mereknits said...

I can understand your panic, water is scary sometimes. But I think somehow with all that going on our would understand that Zach is probably a good swimmer, he is strong and can take care of himself. Fireman is well a fireman so he can take care of things too. All is well and you actually created much more of a memory than you ever thought. In a few weeks or months you will laugh about this.

SissySees said...

I think you're amazing! Not only did you survive, but you were brave enough to tell us about it. As a former baby nurse, you know any of us can drown in teaspoons of water, so exhale, exhale ... and smile. You'll be laughing about this soon enough!

Nancy Kay said...

Well, you made a memory alright!! Ha. Mother of the year, you gave it a shot! And I got a pretty good chuckle! Thank God, your boys knew what they were doing and got the kayaks back safely.

If you are not afraid of the water and waves, it is a rush (as you discovered) to hit the waves straight on and get beyond them. I can understand Zach's excitement. Perhaps navigating in calm waters is a better option for Super Mom. LOL. I'm proud of you; loved your telling of the story!!

Linda said...

Oh my gosh! I would have freaked out!! So glad you were all okay!
Many years ago, we were out in canoes with some friends. Our boat tipped over - the cooler of beer fell in - and I fell in and my husband fell in. I went under the water and was trying to get up. While people rushed to save me - my husband was saving the cooler of beer! Feel any better now?! LOL!

Linda in VA

karen said...

I only go up to my ankles in water, not a fan of water sports :) I'm glad you survived and you made some awesome never forgotten memories now!!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad it all turned out. Very scary.

Katherine said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry! It was a scary time and one you will probably not forget for a while (long while) but then I start laughing when I think that if you were 2 inches taller you would have been fine. The bottom line is, however, that I am very proud of you because I am a really good swimmer and did a mile swim in Lake Michigan with our swim team every year, but I wouldn't get in a kayak on a bet. You on the other hand jump in the kayak and blast those waves! You're my hero Kathy!!

elns said...

This is definitely a memory made. I felt/feel so bad for you because I am part squirrel as well so I very much understand nerves in general. (sounds so victorian like that huh? nerves) Anyways I started chuckling when you said that Zach wants to white water canoe and that your $10 sunglasses stayed on because a) darn kids! and b) if they were expensive they would've been ghosT!

Thanks for sharing the story.

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