Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

 Fireman and I just returned from a few days in Door County. 
We love Door County.
Our plan was to stay at the "door" of Peninsula State Park and ride and hike for two days. 
We did. 
Fireman had a Gulden Draak.  He loved this beer. 
 We worked up an appetite and there is no better place to eat than Door County. 
If you've never been well, its a sliver of land North of Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay. 
It's charming little towns are well kept and offer the tourist lots of options. 

We ate most of our meals at Julie's Motel and Cafe.
The staff was friendly and genuine. 
Our little server for the mornings was a girl from Turkey.
She had so much pride in her country.  She says the news depicts it poorly, but she loves her country. 

Chicken pot pie, with the best crust ever was my favorite treat.
Door County is all about cherries and orchards, and about water and the Bay and the Lake (Michigan. the same lake I fought with on Saturday just 4  hours north. It is a BIG lake ) 
Cherry pies, cherry jam, cherry wine.  Mmmmmm.

 My knitting was limited to socks socks socks for this trip.
The Indulgence socks below knit up quickly and warmed up my cold toes.  It was in the 40s last night around dinner time. 

The skein above was purchased in Sturgeon Bay this morning on our way home. 
Spin, of Door County came highly recommended. 

 It is almost as rare as a Blood Moon when I get my picture taken on vacation. 
The elusive Me, is pictured below. 

I came across an elusive Fisher in Door County. 
They are a mink like creature that stays hidden for the most part in forests.  The little fisher, crossed my path while we were cycling. 
 The white caps on the Lake were pretty.....from Land. 
The winds were straight out of the North. 
Beautiful, but powerful water. 
 On one of our hikes, we passed the campgrounds in Peninsula State Park.  While we admired these wooden kayaks, the builder returned and told us all about them.
He built them all, by hand. 
He said many people buy a kayak kit to build, but few are sea worthy.  He has sold them for as much as five thousand dollars a piece. 
They are fiberglass over wood and well protected. 

He showed us a rope inside the kayak and Fireman asked, 
What's the rope for ?

He said , 
That's the Oh Sh_t rope.  For when you capsize. 
We looked at him knowingly and said nothing.!
A list of Wildflowers was bound in the Ranger station.
If you read Mrs . Micawbers blog you will learn about wildflowers.
Mrs. Micawber this ones For you!
 I love this photo in the woods, taken on the bike trail.
I love how it invites you to its little tunnel through the leaves. 

The leaves are Just starting to turn. 
We saw a few reds.  Mostly yellows. 
They say Door County is ten days late this year. 
 It was still 70 degrees out on Sunday night when Fireman and I watched the ballgame from the back porch ...and we caught the blood moon. 
 Hope you don't mind the chatty post and picture heavy publishing. 
The little bee below is still working hard despite our cooler days now. 
So much  beauty all around us this time of year in the Midwest. 

Happy Fall! 


Caffeine Girl said...

I love this post! It reminds me of our trip in August. We ate breakfast at Julie's twice! We biked rather than hiking, but hiking is good, too. It is so nice to see a photo of you!
It was quite warm in August; I can't wait to retire and enjoy September trips!

Nancy said...

You and Fireman had a wonderful adventure, and I love all the photos, especially the path through the trees.

Tired Teacher said...

You and Fireman had a wonderful adventure, and I love all the photos, especially the path through the trees.

Teresa Kasner said...

I loved this post a lot.. I like the chatty part and especially the gorgeous photo of YOU! You're a doll. Those boats are amazing. I'm glad you had fun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

Your moon photo is amazing. We missed all the moon fun because of heaps and heaps of rain. All the photos were fabulous. You should be a travel writer!

Karen51 said...

Reading your post makes me homesick. We moved from Sturgeon Bay to the Fox river valley a number of years ago. Love Door County. So much to do, see, eat and enjoy. Thanks for your memories.

Nancy Kay said...

Love all the pictures of your trip through Door County. Great picture of the blood moon, dense foliage, waves on the lake! Looks like a wonderful time!

Katherine said...

It is so good to see elusive you!! I love Door County and especially this time of the year. I am homesick! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time there.

Your shorty socks are so pretty and look very warm.

I am happy to announce that it is 75 at noon in Texas. I want to go sit outside in the cooler weather but duty calls.

Dee said...

Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time. It certainly is a beautiful place.

I can't imagine paddling a wood kayak. I bet it slips through the water like silk!

Judy S. said...

Great post, Kathy, and it brought back memories of camping in Penninsula State Park years ago when school was postponed because of a polio epidemic. (Thankfully, that doesn't happen anymore.) Sounds like you had a great time. After you great kayaking adventure, maybe you'd like to read Boys in the Boat? it's a great (and true) story.

Mereknits said...

I love Door Co as you know, I have been there many times and it is never for long enough. It is so gorgeous, and the smell of all those trees is divine. My SI:'s live near Egg Harbor.
So glad you had a wonderful time,

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