Friday, September 25, 2015

Fish, Socks and Cubs

 Our Friends Sandy and Larry take us out on their boat.....often.
Larry loves to fish. It is his therapy.  
We caught lots of fish yesterday and the weather was picture perfect.  I am so tired after being on the water all day. 
I sleep so well whenever we get home from Lake Delavan. 
I'm pretty sure that I drive Larry crazy because I prefer to bobber fish. 
He and Fireman jig and reel and WORK at their fish.
I like to watch the bobber. 
I nearly caught the biggest fish yesterday, but I lifted him out of the water too far without the net and whoosh he was gone. 
I also had a huge bite that Larry thinks was a big Northern Pike in the later afternoon. 
He took half the line with him. 
Fireman LANDED the biggest fish of the day: a large mouth bass.

 Sandy never fishes.  She has just as much fun sunning on the boat and chatting away.
More progress made on the never ending baby blanket on the trip up and back. 

I've solved my next knit problem:
Socks!  Just enough shaping to keep me interested,  new yarn to love and a new pattern to work on. 

The CUBS could clinch a play off game today or tomorrow. 
We are beyond excited here.  


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I like to fish, but I'm a troller. I haven't fished for years though... just too much else going on

Teresa Kasner said...

We have fish in common today! Our son went fishing after work yesterday and brought home two huge Chinook Salmon! I'm staying home today and crocheting. Have fun with your next knit project. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Araignee said...

Man, oh man! That's a whopper!!!

Sally said...

I've been thinking that I need to get back to knitting and I definitely want to make myself a pair of socks. My husband is also anxiously following the Cubs progress.

elns said...

You know I fully support all kinds of sock knitting. :) I am glad you guys had such a good time fishing. Water days are crazy, no matter in, on top, even at the side of it ... makes for a weary body. I'm glad the sleep is good. Beautiful big fish!!!

KSD said...

The water does wear you out, doesn't it? Even when you're just lazing around. I've never understood that.

Tired Teacher said...

A perfect day with friends!

Mereknits said...

Remember I had a house on Lac la Belle, I love that area so much. It looks like ti was a wonderful day.

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