Wednesday, September 09, 2015 Product Review September 2015

 This month we were offered Catswell Nutrisca Gran Free cat food from
We do not get "paid" per se, but we get the item to review without cost to us. 
Fezzik and Pie immediately wanted to lap this food up.
It has a gravy with slivered chunks of meat 'type' of consistency.
Not stew and not soup. 
After a few days of offering this food, they seemed to be just as happy when I opened the can, but they lap up the gravy more than eat the food.  That's ok. 
It is hot here and they need the hydration.
They do eat some of the food slivers but they dont eat the bigger chunks. 

Here is Mr. Fezzik with a full tummy. 
Their products arrive quickly and in great shape.

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Jingles is really particular about her food. She only gets dry food on a daily basis and some hard treats. She does, however, love dates and avocado. And when she hears anything that faintly sounds like the pulling back of a tuna can, she comes running. :)

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