Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Leftover Baby Blanket

After a bit of forever, the baby blanket, sock yarn leftover ,knit up is finally taking shape.   I love working on it.  If you want to look close, you'll see where the flat seam comes in.  That's the row of slip one round knit the next round on that particular stitch. 
I may have forgotten to tell you that this blanket is knit in the round.   I think I confused enough of you early on and Deb caught my drift. 

I'm having fun remembering where these skeins came from. 
The 4th row down from the working stitches is the Parakeet Budgie yarn one of you sent me.   There is sunflower sock yarn in there too.
Al gave me great colors for Christmas , and they are the base of aquas and blues that you see.  
I did purchase the GOLD yarn for this project to try to tie the differences together somehow throughout. 

So the blanket is blooming here along with the garden flowers. 

Aside: Tank had a tough weekend.  BLoody urine. 
Long day at WOnderVEt yesterday. 
You can tell he's OURS now even though he'll always be AL's because we were really worried about him. 
Thankfully no stones were found, or rather unturned. 
He has a bad UTI. 

He's having a little stay cation up in Al's room by himself. 
HE's recovering nicely this morning. 
Cranky Tank was trying to tell me something last week when he turned up the Cranky.  Poor baby. 


Pammy Sue said...

I love the colors and look of your baby blanket. Nice! That picture of Fezzik in your last post was too cute. I love this white toes. What a sweetie he is, I bet. Poor little Tank. Hope he's better soon. Enough is enough! Have a great week. ♥

Katherine said...

Beautiful blanket (love the colors), gorgeous flowers and poor, poor little Tank!! Bethany's little Shih Tzu chewy is had surgery last week for kidney stones. It hurts my heart when the fur-babies are sick! Snuggles to Tank.

Teresa Kasner said...

When I read your title.. all I saw was "leftover baby" and I wondered where you got that baby! LOL! Do you know who will get your blanket? I'm going to be working on a small afghan for my niece who is getting married for her wedding gift. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh how we worry about our fur-babies --- even the cranky ones. I think of all your kitties, Uncle Tank is my favorite.

Bridget said...

Poor Tank! Our Pip had a urethral blockage at the beginning of the summer. Sigh.

Pretty blanket!

Araignee said...

Poor kitty! UTIs are awful horrible things. I love how your blankie is coming along. Good idea about the gold.

elns said...

ugh UTI for anyone human, cat ugh. horrible. Nope, still don't get the blanket thing. hehe. The gold yarn works very very well.

Judy S. said...

Love the blanket! Hope Tank is feeling lots better by now.

Lynn said...

I like the blanket! I have one question, why knit in the round to have a flat blanket? I know my question makes no sense, but do you get my drift? Is this so you just knit and knit and knit and no purling needed? Wont it be too thick? What abt the tube getting tangled up? Inquiring minds and all that....

kathy b said...

So here are all the answers Lynn: :)
You knit in the round and seam the ends together so you have a flat two sided blanket with no ends to weave in!!
It will be for a baby that lives somewhere's cold....like Minnesota! And Yes there is no wicked purling to be hand!
Just wait a bit and it will be revealed in all its leftover glory!

SissySees said...

I don't understand... you know I can't visualize... a baby blanket knitted in the round?

I'm sure Tank is wonderful now, especially as his girl came home?

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