Friday, August 28, 2015

Just for Fun

  1.  A is for Always and B is for Beautiful flowers this time of year.

2.  C is for Cakes Cookies and Crumble using my antique Sunbeam  mixer.

3. D is for Darn Beautiful, my city's lakefront in the summer

 4. E is for Evenings on the rooftop with Milt and Abby and F is for Friendship which is what they are all about.
 5.  G is for good looking!~
 6. H is for how bout those flowers
 7. I is for I'm sure this dog is a safe driver and J. is for Joyriding

 8. K is for keeping different cultures in our classrooms.   L is for Love Diego Rivera in Señor Boyers classroom.

 9. M is for the many emoji faces on this t shirt.

 10. N is for Never too many cats.   O is for Okay, maybe 4 is my household limit.

11. P is for pictures and posts. This is Brigit who chats with me about knitting while we wait for PT.
 She is the baby blanket knitting in other post this week. She does not blog or use computers. She is knitting an infinity cowl in acrylic in this shot.

Finally, this is Melissa who is due in a month.  She makes my shoulder feel great.  I gave her the baby booties as a thank you.  She says she will put them on the baby whether girl or boy.  Atta girl.


Kim in Oregon said...

Tiny tiny booties!

Suburban prep said...


Nancy Kay said...

So many fun photos!

Bonny said...

Great alphabet post! I love seeing all the people and interesting sights you come across; I especially love your mixer! I don't think they make them to last like that any more.

Teresa Kasner said...

I enjoyed your alphabet pix.. and especially the cute baby sox for the sweet young momma. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

A fun post filled with great photos. Were they taken before the camera cratered?

Araignee said...

Lovely post! Those booties are just too cute-so are the kitties. Happy weekend!

Dee said...

Fezzik is indeed a handsome boy. He makes my little guy look like a midget. Oh wait ......he IS a midget.

Love the photo of Uncle Tank. He is one cool kitty.

Judy S. said...

Have a great weekend, Kathy! Love all your photos; are they taken with your phone?

Mereknits said...

V is for very fun, I L is for love this post.

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