Monday, August 10, 2015

It's a Wrap

 When Donna Boo visits she always has her camera.
Donna is a brilliant photographer. 
She took this shot of Fezzik on Saturday night. 
Donna and Emma came for a porch night barbecue.
Fireman, Donna, Emma, Zach and I laughed the whole time.
Donna, a pretend friend for a long time, is one of the reasons I blog.
People who don't knit and don't blog don't GET it. 
If they met Donna, they would get it.
If they met Emma they would see an amazing light in this world! 
 I found this pattern in First Knits at my library.
This belongs in the category: I'd never make it but I love it. 
Lots of the First Knits seemed pretty complicated to me. 
I know one knitter whose first project was a sweater. 
It fit.  It was amazing.  
 The little carnival was in town this weekend.
A girl can dream of funnel cakes...and take photos of them.
We just walked the grounds and enjoyed the kids screaming on those rickety rides.  
We were in a nearby town, but celebrity Señor Zach was spotted by former students. Thus a round of iPhone photos began with him and his students.
He must be a great teacher. They were thrilled to see him. 
How was your weekend?


knitterbeader said...

Love the sweet kitty photo. I could almost reach in and snuggle with her!

Katherine said...

Sweet Fezzik is so photogenic! I know Zach is a great teacher!! Doesn't it make your heart swell to see how much his students love him. You're a lucky Mama.

I love the smell of a carnival and I think it is all about the funnel cakes.

Teresa Kasner said...

What a great capture of Fezzick! He's a fuzzy doll. I'm glad to hear of such a fun time with friends. Those times are priceless. I loved the photo of the fair cart. I love going to the Oregon State Fair.. hope we're able to go this year. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

KSD said...

Oh, that face!

Araignee said...

Those ears...I love fuzzy tipped ears on kitties. It makes them look wild!

Tired Teacher said...

Fezzik is quite photogenic!

I never tasted funnel cake, but it looks tasty.

Patty said...

Great pictures! And here's to fake friends (as my husband calls them)! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fezzik is growing UP! Wow! He doesn't have that kitten look anymore. He's such a handsome guy.

Our weekend ---- quiet. I like it that way! :-)

Nancy Kay said...

Great photo of Fezzik! Donna knows what she's doing!!

How great to hear that Zach is so well loved by his students!

Donna Boucher said...

I love you kathyb
You and your big heart and blue eyes and about a million more things!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still happily eating ramen salad :) and I told my mom the other day I still can't write about this last year at all because I all I do is start crying about everyone that loved me so much. can't do it yet. someday. you all ruined my writing with your love.

kathy b said...

Shucks.... Thanks DOnna

kathy b said...

Emma, Dear sweet Emma. You will write about it in time. You are doing SOOOOO well. Im so thrilled for you. Fireman is eating ramen today too. I think we are done! the key lime pie lasted only 12 hours after you left....mmm

elns said...

Okay your kitty is so cute. I love it. Funnel cake, and cute cats? Thats enough for me, I'm done. But now I like this book and that pattern. Maybe one day we will both do it, why not dream?!?

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