Thursday, August 27, 2015

Death of the Camera...or ...Not one Picture on this Post....

So I busted the camera...again.
I swear that camera and I have a very unhealthy relationship.
This is the 'fall into the lake' camera of, 
lets see now, 
6 years ago.
It was brand new then.
It was less than 300 dollars. 
I've gotten my 50 dollars a years worth. 
I want to break up with it. 

The other day the lens just jumped from the base onto the kitchen floor.  (while I was holding it ) and a ring that can be replaced broke. 

Fireman thinks I dream up ways to drop the camera.
Now, I consider myself very creative but not one to waste time on the demise of a camera. 
The first thing he did when he retired was find a way to make that camera work.
I'm grateful, I am .
But I just can't have nice things. 
It is too painful when they break. 
And they all break. 
My mantra to my family as they grew was, 
'There it goes.' 
This is not the Smashing Pumpkins reference. 
I don't know if any of my readers even know Smashing Pumpkins...but to be clear....
every THING goes at some point. 
Better not to attach too much importance to a THING.

Remember my 49 dollar clearance camera from Target that took nice photos and lasted several years? 
I do. 
It just died this year.  It died due to a door problem that would cost more than my initial purchase price. 

My iPhone camera is adequate. 

If I were to, say, run into a camera with the brand FUJI , on it
I may be tempted.  
Fuji's think the way I want to shoot. 
We get along. 

For now Nikon DX, I consider you history.
IF Fireman wants to take all the family photos and memories for the next ten years, he can use you. 
Because You and I are done.

Does Tupperware make a camera?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

You could get one of those kid-proof cameras that are all rubber on the outside and bounce!

Katherine said...

I would have to think really hard about paying a large amount for a camera. I guess that's why nurse/photographer son takes pity on me and gives me his hand-me-downs. Then I have a great camera and I am never able to make it work the way it is supposed to, so it's wasted on me. I like my phone camera!

Araignee said...

I drop my camera all the time too. I can't believe I haven't broken this one yet. It's just a matter of time. I broke it's predecessor by dropping it right before Daughter's big wedding.

Teresa Kasner said...

If you replace your camera, I highly recommend the Panasonic Lumix.. I love mine! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

Are the water-proof cameras more durable? It might be worth looking.

I bought another Canon - inexpensive and dependable.

Donna Boucher said...

Ugh. I'm sorry.

Pammy Sue said...

LOL! A Tupperware camera! That made me laugh. I am super-clutzy and am always dropping things too. I hope you find a new one really soon! RIP Kathy's Camera.

Judy S. said...

Sorry to hear about the naughty camera! Dick just got his back; the lens froze up just before the warranty ran out, so it was fixed for free. Couldn't believe it!

elns said...

Ever since my iPhone I don't really use anything else -- besides instant camera, because ... hello instant gratification. I say if you just want a point and shoot they are pretty cheap compared to back int the day, but if you want one of the SLR kinds where you have to think too, I'm useless no advice!

I'll tell you a secret though. We broke down this weekend and got iPhone 6s on Monday. I didn't wait for the new new one, because I'm allergic to new new. Never had a new new car or a new new phone. Just not my style I suppose ;)

Anonymous said...

Awwwww......hopefully Fireman will keep the Nikon company. (I have a soft spot for Nikons.) LOL

However, in some instances, my phone does a better job. It's amazing how far phone cameras have come.

Mereknits said...

You deserve a wonderful camera that you can have a lasting relationship with, not one who is well can we say not trustworthy. I am NOT in love with the iphone camera, I use it for you quick photos of Little B to send to Aunts and Brothers but that is about it. And I am a Smashing Pumpkins fan, really who isn't?

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