Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TIny Miracles

This baby sweater with a zip up the back reminds me of one I had for Al and Zach.  I took photos of it at my LYS.
I don't think I'll be making one anytime soon, but miracles do happen!

Last night, My mother knew me! 
Her dementia is pronounced, but she said to me
I. Know. You. Kathleen! 
Small marvelous miracle. 

I am rounding the corner and heading for home with my shrug. 
This usually means I'll make a big mistake in my haste to FINISH.
Let's hope not. So far I've loved the whole thing: pattern, needles, yarn and process. 

Can you believe that machine got to Pluto today?
There's a miracle !

Oh and a teeny tiny perhaps baby hummingbird came to our flowers last night. 
They are sporadic here this summer at best. 
He went to the "Deadist" bucket of flowers we have
as Fireman said. 

Oh and friend and blog reader Lynn who adopted two of my foster kittens  a few years ago, just adopted a new torti girl. 
She's a tiny one and she's darling. 
Kady Is her name now. 

Tiny miracles...we'll take them here at Irisheyes.
How about you? 
Any tiny miracles you want to share?


karen said...

I've been praying for your mom :) Glad she remembered you, what a sweet joyful gift!! I am relying on the miracle of pen and paper, I am writing everything down I need to do for this wedding and love that writing keeps it all neat and under control :)

Dee said...

No miracles to speak of here, but I love that your Mom knew you today! I'm sure that did your heart (and hers) good!

Araignee said...

New grandson had his first checkup today and is doing fine after some scary respiratory issues at birth. He's even gained some weight. All that might not qualify as a real miracle but it sure feels like one.

Katherine said...

Great granddaughter Paige Noelle (our Carrie's second granddaughter) is a new member of our family. She was born on June 25 and weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz. I am seriously in love with that sweater and think that Paige needs one!

elns said...

I love that your Mom greeted you with awareness today! The baby sweater is darling, but zippers on sweaters involve steeking and I believe I'm allergic to that!

Judy S. said...

Cute sweater! I'm not certain that one was steeked. Long ago I made a similar one,and it wasn't steeked either. (However, I do agree that steeking is scary!) Would love to see a photo of the tiny torti to compare it with Ginger as she was about 6 mos. when we adopted her, and now she's anything but tiny. The miracle here is that it cooled off! Still no rain though, and that would be a much needed miracle.

Tired Teacher said...

Store the precious moment of your Mother's recognition deep in your heart and visit it often.

My BIL is making an amazing recovery from Guilain Barre - prayer, rehabilitation, patience, and excellent medical care have helped him turn the corner.

Nancy Kay said...

Love all your tiny miracles; each one a gem!

Donna Boucher said...

Oh Kathyb. I am so happy to hear your momma knew you.
big hug hon

kathy b said...
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kathy b said...

Oh those darn white boys. They have the most trouble with surfactant and lung issues. Tiny hispanic girls fly through all the lung issues and go home early! Glad he's all better now.

kathy b said...

Carrie's second gran! How fantastic. That's a great miracle. I love the name they chose. Yes go knit that sweet sweater with the zip up the back !

kathy b said...


I so appreciate the prayers! My mom would too!

kathy b said...

Wonderful. I'll say a prayer for him today

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