Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ten Things I Love, Ten Things I Don't

 Yesterday some of  you played, Ten things you love and Ten things you hate.  I'll say ten I love and ten I don't.  


1.mechanical pencils
2. pop ups
3. weather reports instead of predictions rah rahs
5. anchovies
6. sport water bottles
7. places that don't take reservations
8. high heels
9. waking up to an alarm 
10. talking on the phone

The list of things I love is much easier for me to make:
I won't include the obvious (yarn!) 

1. wearing cotton
2. our National parks, state parks, county parks
3. bags: purses, knit bags, cosmetic bags
4. going to the beach
5. watching people ride horses when I am in the woods
6. sunhats, baseballcaps, winterhats
7. seeing the sunset
8. emails
9. stick shift cars
10. malts

How about you?


Araignee said...

I hate: headaches, putting away dishes, fleas, mosquitoes, apple butter, apps that discontinue just when you figure out how to use them, temps over 90, alarm clocks, shaving my legs, growing old
I love: gin and tonics, macaroni salad, napping with the pup, the smell of lavender, the MDSW festival, knitting in bed, having the windows open, aprons, Crocs, being retired

Mereknits said...

I am not loving all the videos you have to watch online just to get the darn news, bad traffic, horrible drivers and of course the alarm that woke me a 5:30 this morning so I could get ready for work. Things I love Yarn, lets just keep it at that.

Dee said...

I would love to have a stick-shift car again. I miss it.

Great lists ---- I totally agree with "talking on the phone". I'd much rather face-to-face talk.

Pammy Sue said...

Well, hello there, Kathy B! I'm so glad to come visit all my friends again after being gone a while with the move. We are all moved and half-way settled in. Still a few more boxes to unpack, but we are getting there. Number One on my Don't list is MOVING!!! Never again!

Teresa Kasner said...

It's fun to read your likes and unlikes.. my daughter and granddaughters arrived today.. that's high on my LIKE list! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Katherine said...

Love your list!! Thanks for sharing. I hate: Television, crazy drivers, snakes, bugs, tax reports, cooking on a hot day, folding clothes, peanut butter and yes, yes, yes, you are so right--talking on the phone.

I love: dinner with family, hugging sweet great-grandbabies, my precious pups, peanut M & M's, chocolate in any form, the moon and Venus together, Ombre Rose perfume, rain storms, tech toys, and books.

Tired Teacher said...

One of the things I love but rarely receive anymore is a handwritten letter.

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