Tuesday, July 28, 2015

OH Baby, It is baby knit time here at Irisheyes because we are all about PREPAREDNESS

 I should show you my baby blanket but it isn't too impressive right now.  I have been knitting on it pretty much a week, including what  felt like 2 weeks at the smart phone store yesterday. 
Thank God I had my knitting with me. 
The blanket is all leftover sock yarns, very easy, and will be warm and wonderful..just maybe not anytime soon. 

I can feel it tugging on my already sensitive right shoulder, so I'm knitting baby booties today. 
I really like Melissa, my Physical therapist for my shoulder. 
She's preggers with her 3rd child. 
If only she can find a way for me to sleep correctly and I"d be out of her hair. 
My shoulder is painful in the mornings, and she says there is a nerve trapped in there. 
It is not horrid, not anything that deserves your sympathy, just something I have to move on before it....
interferes with knitting. 
 I live a block from my Public library.
I stopped after PT this morning and found a few baby books
and things I might try today. 

 I love this bunny rabbit, but I bet I won't knit him. 
 While at the library I met Sonya. She's doing a public service by informing us about emergency preparedness.
Ready America sells a kit for around 55 dollars she says. 
I made a kit a few years ago.
I think the water better get changed..
its been in the jug for several years. 

The informative handout says:
1 gallon of water per person per day for 3 days.
and cat water too.

toothpaste, soap, deodorant, 
whistle...there's a good one
extra cash in small bills! 
extra sets of keys? car and home
waste bags, hadn't thought of that

Of course they left out the obvious:
yarn, needles, light and pattern. 

are you prepared?


Katherine said...

Good idea. I am not prepared but I promise to get there soon. I love the bunny knit pattern. I have looked at it a couple of times and decided to knit something else. That's what happens to me--I start reading a pattern and something clicks and says, "don't even think about it!" I'm afraid that I miss a bunch of great knits because of it.

Can't wait to see the baby blanket!

Vera said...

Oh I love that bunny too...but I know I wouldn't knit it. I leave the preparedness thing to my husband...he does it so well (over-does it). But I will be sure to have knitting/stitching to go. Have you tried massages for your shoulder? I have a lot of arthritis in my shoulders and spine and tend to be sore in the mornings...if I get massages regularly it is much, much better (but the cost can add up quickly...). I've also started taking yoga again and all the stretching is really helping.

Tired Teacher said...

I have a it in my front closet, but I need to replace some of the items.

I'll add a light-weight Space Blanket, medication, candles, matches, extra batteries and a portable radio to your list.

elns said...

Ugh, My disaster kit is a raided disaster. I think the other hands in the house have gone through and selectively removed some essentials. Not smart in Earthquake country. We keep the old water in rotation, for flushing or we water with it, if we already have enough old too.

Suburban prep said...

Have you asked your PT about the Theracane ? I know you can get one at Relax the Back in Northbrook. I stopped there for one about a year ago because the fibormyalgia and the trigger points were coming out bad. I use it every now and again. I stopped for a bit because a couple months ago I badly bruised my ribs (exercising--seriously). I also use tennis balls and stand up against the wall and perhaps that might help.
I know where you are coming from Pain seems to be part of my life.
I hope that you are able to stop the pinched nerve or what is causing the issue.
Have you tried a new pillow?

Araignee said...

Ouch... I had a shoulder issue a few years ago and it was miserable. Sleeping was awful until I learned to wrap it up in a sling thing that Daddio had gotten when he had shoulder surgery. I was diagnosed with bursitis from calcium deposits in my muscles. If I feel the slightest twinge, I stop whatever I am doing. I don't ever want to go through that again. It sent me right to the ER it was so bad one night.
And yes, I am prepared. After Isabelle, Irene and Sandy I learned you better have your stuff together. It's not pretty when you don't and you lose power for a week or more.

Judy S. said...

Have you ever made an Eliz. Zimmerman surprise sweater? It's an interesting knit. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Don't let it get frozen! In with our emerg. stuff we keep a radio (battery operated), flashlights, and a wrench to turn off the gas if necessary...also keep eye glasses and shoes under our bed in case there's lots of broken glass. And yes, we live in earthquake country, too.

Mrs. Micawber said...

You have a shoulder problem too?!?!? So does my sister, my dad, three other bloggers I know, Mr. M, and me. It sucks. Not only is it difficult to sleep comfortably, taking off and putting on a sports bra is torture. (Luckily the sports bra is not an issue for Mr. M.)

We don't have anything approximating to a disaster kit. I hope we'll never need one. The water seems like the hardest part.

Hope your shoulder heals up as quickly as possible.

Caffeine Girl said...

Shoulder problems seem to be everywhere! Mine has yet to recover from my clumsy fall a month ago. Do take care. I worry about frozen shoulder syndrome, as it can do permanent damage!
We are completely unprepared. In case of an emergency, we will have to survive on a Costco bag of dried mango. I suppose we should do something about that!

Reset Hotmail Password said...

Oh! that was a cool post.I like it.

Yarn Miracle said...

Hi5, Girl Scout!

Down here on the Gulf Coast, we are Always Prepared. We've got MREs and everything!

Mark Jhones said...
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