Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tricks of the Trade

 So you know I write the knit blog for my LYS.
I was there yesterday snapping photos for my next post. 
I learn fascinating little tidbits when I talk to the non staff
For instance, it seems no one finishes their own work.
 Clearly, this woman has every right to be in love with her cabled bag.  She had the shop finish it.  Handles, lining, the works.
And why not? 
Another woman, in an entirely different part of the shop, who did not hear my previous conversation, 
said the shop finishes all her sweaters.

And why not?
All that work and a poor finish is the kiss of death. 
I've made a resolution.
I'll bite the bullet. 

I'll knit a sweater flat .  I can knit pieces.
THEY can put it together. 
Even this little bunny was put together by Linda, the class teacher. 
"She shows us how, but we let her do it " says one student.

I know it is costly. 
I'm incredibly frugal, but I want a sweater that I made.
I know the shop owner wants her students to learn finishing.
I know not many want to.

If you love to knit you don't have to love to finish.
That said, I just finished putting together my friend's mother's blanket.  I crocheted the panels together 
It was not fun.
But it is done and I was happy to help her out. 

Cross FINISHER off the list of lifelong learning skills,
I just want to knit!


Teresa Kasner said...

Bravo for the finishers! I think it's nice to have someone finish your things.. but for me finishing it myself is part of the challenge. But to each his own! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sue said...

There are still a few of us who do the finishing. It starts out being a chore, but I have to admit I really enjoy adding the final touches and making it all mine.

Katherine said...

They are offering a wonderful service for knitters!! I hate finishing too, that's why I like top down sweaters with no seaming. I have had good luck with seaming on the sewing machine though.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've never minded finishing... once I'm to that point, I'm just so happy I'll have a new garment soon!

Amy at love made my home said...

It sounds like a good investment to me! xx

kathy b said...

WOw. you ladies amaze me even more ! Anyone who does their own finishing I applaud! You are even more marvelous than I thought previously!

Caffeine Girl said...

I agree with your sentiment. There is nothing wrong with leaving the finishing to someone else. Still, I stubbornly want to learn to sew the pieces together and make a sweater all by myself! I'm not saying that I won't change my mind on this, though!

Araignee said...

That's awesome that someone would do that for you-at any price. I feel that way about quilting. I love to piece but hate to quilt and am terrible at it. I keep thinking I need to send some of of Daddio's finished quilt tops out for professional finishing before I ruin them.

Dee said...

I think that is why I like knitting socks so much. Other than kitchenering the toe closed, there isn't any finishing.

That little bunny is adorable.

Judy S. said...

I guess that's not too different from having someone else quilt a quilt. I'm not crazy about finishing either but grit my teeth and do it. Like Dee says, knitting in the round solves that dilemma.

Marilyn K said...

Great idea....I have felt that I MUST do the finishing. But why really, when I hate it?

Tired Teacher said...

Not many shops offer that kind of service, so Bravo to the owner for providing it!

Most of the things I knit do not require finishing (seaming) but I do grafting and such myself.

karen said...

I finish all of my projects but I do know some people who want others to finish theirs. It's nice if a shop offers to do that.

Beth Coleman said...

Finishing is my least favorite thing!

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