Monday, June 01, 2015

The Last Day of May was more like March

 The winds were fierce yesterday. Chicago was a cold cold place to be on our last day of May. 
So I decided to cook. 
 Have I shared my salsa recipe?

Here it is:
Fresh chopped tomatoes
big bunch of cilantro chopped
very small amount red onion chopped
juice of a lime
 celery salt a touch
cumin, a good few teaspoons
Olive oil..just a dab
White vinegar about 3 times the amount of oil
a jalapeño pepper chopped small
little bit of chopped garlic

That's  it.  It is delicious. 

Then I decided to make scones. 
A recipe off the internet.
I made cranberry scones. 
Mrs. McCawber's post on cherry focacia got me going!

Then I decided to make Irish Soda Bread to bring to my mom.
When the kitchen is a mess, I keep going! 
I may not bake again for awhile.  

While all this was going on, the winds were howling outside and we had the heat on in the house.
Fezzik and Pie played around a fort. 
I put a sheet over a few wooden chairs and it kept them busy for an hour.  

There was some mitten knitting yesterday.
I'll show you tomorrow. 

June, not to pressure you, but we have waited all winter for you. 
We want warmth and fireflies
we want the roses to bloom
we want porch time back
we want to put the jackets away....seriously. 


Katherine said...

I love to make scones, and I love the way you cut them. I think I'll make scones tonight and try it! Also, I am making chicken enchiladas for dinner and your salsa with chips would be a great addition. Thanks Kathy!!

Araignee said...

I envy you your cool weather-and your salsa. I've been thinking about making some for a while and now you pushed me over the edge. I'm going to use your recipe as soon as I can gather those ingredients.

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Kathy,

How have you been?

Brrr, you are so right, the weather here has also gone cooler. Earlier the sun came out the clouds (long enough for me to drink a cup of tea on the balcony with the cats) and it was lovely in the sun. Now it has gone again! Whatever happened to the weather???

Good luck with your mitten mission (sounds like a spy movie!).

Your recipes sound yummy and make me want to make something as well... let's see?!

Love and warm hugs from across the world!
Ingrid xx

kathy b said...

You are all going to love the salsa. We've perfected it over the years. The vinegar is key. It sets it off just a tad. Enjoy!

WildflowerWool said...

It's still cold here in London, Ont. chance of frost tonight. Crazy weather. We may have to wear the mitts/gloves we are both knitting!!

Tired Teacher said...

I love scones but have never made them. Hmmmm, perhaps I should try.

It's hard to know from day to day (sometimes hour to hour) what the weather is going to be like. I'm ready for sunshine and warmer temps.

karen said...

I wish I could bottle up the heat and humidity and send it to you to enjoy! Each morning my beautiful coiffed hair is a floppy frizz mess when I get the paper...sigh. Glad you were able to enjoy the cold weather inside your house.

Nancy Kay said...

It does look like a CHILLY day, perfect for baking. You really got after it...and it all looks so tasty. Do you need a taste tester???

Teresa Kasner said...

Num num.. wish I could taste your scones! Sorry you have cold weather.. we got rain last night and today it's dark, cloudy and cool. Harder to go swimming in that kind of weather, but I did it. Now I'm home and cozy in my chair waiting for DIL to finish making dinner. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

All that baking should have made at least the kitchen nice a warm. It all sounds so delicious.

Amy at love made my home said...

It has been so wet and cold and blowy here too, glad you enjoyed some baking!! xx

Chris said...

Holy you have had bad weather! It's been hit and dry here all spring and we had a non winter. Such climate extremes. Your baking looks delish'

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