Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's All Going WELL

 It has been just hot enough for children to want to run through the park sprinkler. 
It is just hot enough to make the fireflies come out at night. 
If you are in the sun, it gets quite hot. 
If you are in the shade, you might want a shawl around your shoulders.  Kids go well with sprinklers.
 These border beauties were in bloom at the park. 
The bees seem to love them.  Smart park want to have something the bees prefer to people.  Bees go well with flowers. 
 I'm here to tell you that this yarn stunk.  I bought it on clearance....ahem....that might have been a clue. I thought it would make a nice pair of washable mittens. 
I had such a time with it, I think I'll make a cat toy out of it instead. 
Fezzik is not choosey.  He has made quite the game of trying to steal my yarn from me.
As darling as this may seem, it is time to stop. 
So, should ALL yarn be off limits or just my yarn?
He's a baby. 
In fairness, I better not give him yarny toys to confuse things. 
So, I'll keep that stinky blue yarn in a time out until I figure a plan for it.  
Hmmm, what goes well  with bad splitty yarn? 
I'll Ponder that...
 In the summer I make my own pickles.  
You can google any recipe that uses vinegar and sugar after you salt the pickles/cucumbers and let them sit. 
We gobble them up. 
They aren't good for very long so I make just enough to last a few days. 
My dad used to like them with onions and green peppers mixed in. 
Vinegar goes well with so many recipes that I love. 
 My roses are really pretty right now.  I took this shot a dusk to keep the reds red.  In daylight my reds don't come out real in photos. 
Here little hummingbird.  Come come.
The little bugger came to my feeder for the first time in weeks ...just once ...just enough for me to want him back. 
The neighbor's trumpet vine is starting to bloom, and hummingbirds always go well with trumpets. 
 Miss Pie needs some blog time.
She has been a very patient big sister. 
Fezzik is now almost twice her weight.  
Pie and Fezzik play often together throughout the day. 
Uncle Tank is cranky with the little guy now. 
Beatles still prefers to play with Pie. 
One Queen  goes well with several toms. 
All in all its been a great easy transition. 
And last night, as if the sky had read my blog, purples and oranges came together at sunset for a spectacular sight. 
Kim's color card indeed, said purples go well with orange.


Vera said...

Sweet kitties, gorgeous sky and your roses are so beautiful. Love all your pictures. We just gave our cat a felted ball filled with catnip that I bought at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Tyg went crazy for a short time, pulling the ball apart (not completely). Now he has lost interest in it...even though it is still very strongly scented. I keep finding bits of fiber her and there throughout the house....

Suburban prep said...

We were over at the Glen Club yesterday to celebrate my husband's birthday with my parents. What a beautiful day it turned out to be. Walking back to the car seeing all those playing golf.

Your pickles look so delicious

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your roses are looking good - I'm in between blooms at the moment (other than on Navy Lady out front). But I should have new ones soon

Katherine said...

Hmmm pickles! I chop my own pickle relish but I've never made pickles. I think I'll try it tomorrow.

Miss Pie is beautiful and such a good sister to play with the little boy. We love the way Macy and Max play together now. At first we were afraid that they would never tolerate each other. Now the nuzzling and snuggling makes us wonder why we worried.

Gorgeous roses!! You have the knack!

Araignee said...

Those pickles looks so good. I've had a craving for some half sours. I need to get myself to the farmer's market. Your yard is gorgeous. Kudos to the gardener!

Tired Teacher said...

I love pickles, but haven't made them for several years.

Teresa Kasner said...

Yes, orange and purple do complement each other. The sky never lies. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

Your post was so beautiful today, minus the sale sucky yarn. Hope you have a beautiful weekend and that you are feeling better.

Nancy Kay said...

The roses look beautiful. And a gorgeous sunset on a summer's day is hard to beat. Sounds like the kitties are doing quite well...I'm always a bit curious how Miss Pie progresses...and it seems she "sees" all that' s necessary for a well-adjusted, happy life.

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