Monday, June 29, 2015

BOoks and knittng

I have a pattern going. Called the soft and sophisticated poncho.   Oh that bad knit word...poncho. I am going to rename the pattern after I finish it. I love it so far.

Al has a pattern going :the Oho de Dios shawl.  It is a modular knit in Gina which looks like noro.  I can't wait to see it going along

I have too many books going at once but hey it's summer
I'm reading a book from Channon set in the outer banks.   Kathryn o Sullivan's Foal Play
I'm reading deep dark down and it is so good
I'm reading crones don't whine which is awesome
I'm starting happily Ali after by ali went worth
And I need to read hyperbole and a half


Katherine said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Al's shawl. I am a one book at a time reader but a multi-project knitter. We have reached mister-on-the-patio temperatures in Texas, my favorite time and place to knit and read in the evenings. I currently have three projects going and since g-granddaughter #3 (Carrie's 2nd granddaughter) was born on Thursday I am itching to knit another baby sweater and blanket.

Mereknits said...

I am not reading but just downloaded the Diary of a Provincial Lady. I am listening to The Dressmaker and enjoying it very much.
Hugs to you Kathy,

Tired Teacher said...

Nothing wrong with ponchos: happy knitting.

knitterbeader said...

Show us your progress on the "poncho". I've just gathered yarn together to knit a shawl in 3 pastel colors. Where I go for knitting meetups the air conditioning is soooo cold that I usually take a light jacket. However, I thought why don't I knit myself a shawl. I've just finished reading two James Patterson books in his PRIVATE series.

Araignee said...

How on earth do you keep up with all those books? I'm reading (listening to) one and have to keep backtracking.

Teresa Kasner said...

Ponchos were big when I was a hippie. I even spun the alpaca and knitted my own.. and now I have no idea where it is. Have fun with your books. I'm reading "Stoneheart" by Baer Charlton - an author that I know personally. It's quite the guy book, but I'm doing okay reading it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Nancy Kay said...

Books and knitting - a perfect combo for summer. It's my favorite pair of activities in the summer months (when I can read outside!).

karen said...

nothing wrong with too many books! I have a few going at once, and it depends on my mood on what I read. I also like having lots on the needles to fill the need.

Caffeine Girl said...

As in knitting, I usually have too many things going. But life is short, right? You might as well read and knit as much as you want!

elns said...

It's a good life, Kathy. Knitting with your daughter and a pile of your eclectic reading. You have such a wide reading interest. I love that! Enjoy!

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