Sunday, May 03, 2015

Dual Dog Grooming Brush by Furminator

 Tanks' coat sheds the most. 
It sheds daily. 
He's the biggest cat and he cant reach his back too well.
Good thing Allison groomed him as a kitten. 
He likes to be brushed. does not pay me for this review.
I have to say that :)
It is true, though. 
The brush they sent is actually for dogs but works very well on Tank's cat coat.  He likes the pin side and the soft bristle side.

I like Furminator products. 
They do a great job and I think they are all they are cracked up to be .
They are not cheap, but the are well made. 

Fezzik's breeder says,even though her Maine COons have fabulous coats, she doesnt routinely brush them. 
I plan to brush Fezzik.  
We are talking 4 more days. 
Lynn, who adopted Fixie and Bonk, has been helping me run through the list of things I need.
She's a doll. 

Kittens are all fun and no work. 
Bring on the fun!


Tired Teacher said...

Tank is handsome!

I'm anticipating kitty photos. . .

Mereknits said...

Four more days!!!! How exciting. I Furrminate Max all the time. It works.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Dave's cat Mopar was a Maine Coon. We had to brush him frequently. He wasn't bad for shedding, but he would get matted very easy.

Judy S. said...

Can't wait to see your photos of Fezzik! What fun you're going to have. Our Mocha sheds all the time and just hates to be brushed. Any suggestions?
Ginger loves to be combed, but I've done it ever since she was a kitten. We didn't rescue Mocha until she was about 3 and running wild.

Nancy Kay said...

Good to know about the Furminator products. I am anxious to see photos of your new kitty! Exciting!!!

knitterbeader said...

Tank is one handsome cat!! Looking forward to pictures of Fezzik and your blogs about all the "fun" you're having!

SissySees said...

We owe a brush post too. Gg actually ASKS to be brushed now, so while the Knight isn't wow'd by the product, I am!

Teresa Kasner said...

Oh a kitten.. you lucky girl! They are so cute! Have you seen the Pallas Cat? If not.. google it for a giggle. Have fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Caffeine Girl said...

We should check out that brush. Our long-haired cat sheds like crazy.

Four more days, huh? Can't wait to watch the fun.

Araignee said...

Ohhhh....the excitement is building!

Dee said...

Shelby loves to be brushed. She comes with a little curry comb and we spend a little time every day removing the *itchy* hairs.

I swear, I have enough Shelby hair to knit a new cat sometimes. LOL

Can't wait to meet the new kitten, but I have to admit .... Tank will ALWAYS be my favorite. He has such a serious face.

elns said...

Tank is such a beauty!

Allison B said...

Tanky is so beautiful!

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