Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Storms a Comin

This is Bottle Rock by Alchemy. 
It has been at my LYS for months, but it really looks like a summery wrap to me.  
Warning, it is not soft.  
I'm pretty sure it wouldn't DRAPE on my frame quite the way it does on this stand.   But I like to look at it.  I think, 
"Hey I could knit that, its a rectangle, and its stockinette, " but it is not soft.  So it is a no go for me.  But I do like to look at it. 
Since I can't show you my own shawl progress, I have to entertain with other pictures I've taken for the studio's blog. 

We are supposed to get storms tomorrow.  I'm ridiculously happy about this prediction.  I don't want any flooding or tornadoes but I love a good rocking thunderstorm.  It has been MONTHS. 
Storms are one of my favorite things about Spring, Summer and Fall. 
Perhaps one reason is that it has to be WARM to get one rocking, and I'm ready for warm! 

It was so cold yesterday they cancelled the CUBS game, but not really for that reason.   I've been to Cubs games that were colder. I think we cancelled due to the fear we'd lose AGAIN to the Cardinals. 
Forget all that stuff about Wrigley not being bathroom ready for fans...Wrigley fans have been dealing with their full bladders in inappropriate ways for years. (Im not one of those) 
I think the hype about them being good this year is so overblown the management feared they couldn't sell another ticket if we lose the first two games of the season.  
I know they'll sell at least 12 tickets for this year. 
AL is coming HOME in August for the Detroit Tigers/ Cubs match up.  Wahoo we are going! 

Keep your eyes to the skies....
stay safe
and Knit on


KSD said...

Sad about that wrap being not soft --- it's got goreous drape, and I'm in love with how they used the button.

Araignee said...

Itchy has its place but not in a wrap. Wraps should be like buttah.
It's COLD here again. We've also got nasty drizzly rain. No complaints. At least it's not ice and snow.

elns said...

That wrap looks really good. Itchy is not fun though. What about doing it in a linen or maybe a lovely bamboo? That would be a great drape and good for summer, non?

And Kathy, when I saw the Cubs game on for the season opener, I immediately thought of you, well, there was a delay since I was still battling some jet lag, ha!

Tired Teacher said...

It's cool here today - rain, snow, and more of each on and off all day. Brrrr! I'm ready for WARM, too.

knitterbeader said...

Too bad about the "itchy" wrap - that's not a good thing! Another's suggestion of linen or bamboo sounds lovely.
Had to laugh about your Cubs comments!

Teresa Kasner said...

That is a pretty wrap, but I am with you on that a shawl needs to be soft. I love my alpaca silk shawl! I hope you have some exciting thunder and lightning! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sarah said...

I was going to say the same thing everyone else could do that wrap in soft yarn.😃

Mama Gone Green said...

it looks gorgeous from here!!

Nancy Kay said...

The storm hit us yesterday...snow on the ground! Oh, I'm sooooo ready for WARM.

The wrap is cute. I think I would be looking for SOFT yarn.

Beth Coleman said...

I'm happy that I'm not the only person to fall in love with something on display and only with it on display, with no desire whatever to actually own it ir wear it! It looks summery to me too.

Judy S. said...

We were happy to leave last night before the storms hit, if they do. It's beautiful here today, lots of blue sky, and it's good to be home. So sorry it didn't work out for us to meet up! Hope your friend is doing OK.

Mereknits said...

My Rays stink this year and I miss Joe Maddon.

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