Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bikes, Blocking and Baby Kittens

 When it is cooler near the lake, you just go west a bit and you have a lovely spring day.  Today: case in point: 50s  in our town, 
68 in Caldonia, Illinois near Rockford.  

Fireman and I rode our bikes at Rock Cut State Park. 
It was all fun on the trails until We hit the hills. 
I don't like to call trouble to me, but I kept thinking, if I crash and ruin my knitting wrists I'll be so unhappy. 
The trails were hard, the hills were harder...and yes I got off and walked my bike up several of them, 
and the downhills were kinda scary.  
Still I won't get thrown from a bike like I would on a horse, and the workout was great.  I will ride again soon, but on the flat please. 
The true reason behind the drive out there was so I could visit my new maine coon Kitten again. 
Here is Fireman with Fezzik's mom, Tilly. 
Fezzik is too cute for words.  Period. 
Let the countdown begin. 
He comes home May 7th. 
and here he is .....

Oh and there was knitting.  I finished the shawl stitches on the ride to the State Park and I fringed the ends on the way home.
It is blocking right now. 
I cannot wait to show it to you tomorrow. 

Would you rather ride a horse or a bike? 


Judy S. said...

A bike for sure; it will do what I want it to! (Our girls would probably disagree as they are both horse lovers.) Love that newest kitty! So cute! He's beautiful. Can't wait to see the shawl.

knitterbeader said...

Fezzik's mom is sure "loving up" to your husband! But what a cute kitten Tilly is - just made me smile at the sweetness.

Pammy Sue said...

Cute butterscotch kitty. I'd rather ride a horse! They don't get flat tires and they are can feel it the power.

KSD said...

That's easy --- a horse. Although bikes aren't as much trouble to take care of.

Caffeine Girl said...

A bike. That's easy. I do sympathize with you on the hills. I end up walking plenty myself. It's still exercise, right?

That kitten is adorable! I'm quite jealous.

Araignee said...

What a cutie! Just look at those eyes.
I'm terrified of horses so it would have to be a bike.

Anonymous said...

Horse, horse, HORSE!!!! Although I ride a bike regularly. A horse, not so much.

Fezzik's mom is sure pretty. I love the look she is giving fireman.

Can't wait to see all the cute Fezzik pictures in your future. He looks like a firecracker!

Mereknits said...

I'd rather cuddle that kitten than ride a bike or a horse.
How sweet!

karen said...

I'd rather walk. That is the only safe activity for me :) Love the cat photos :) Lovely weather you are having!!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Need you ask? :)

Oh my word, that Fezzik is the cutest thing ever! You'll have to get an Inigo or Vizzini to go with him ... or perhaps a Wesley / Dread Pirate Roberts?

P.S. If you pedal while descending you will feel more in control than if you just coast with your feet still. Don't know why it works, but it does. And don't feel bad for feeling scared. Descending at speed gives me the willies too.

Tired Teacher said...

Hills are a killer for me so I've walked my bike many times. I've been tempted to check out electric,bikes to give me the boost I need to manage the hills. I WISH there were decent biking trails around here.

Fezzes is adorable! How can you bear waiting for the time to take him home?

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