Friday, April 17, 2015

2nd Chewy Review .....Picky Cats

Today's post is brought to you From

I am to tell you that I do not receive any money for reviewing. I do receive treats and such from them for a blog review monthly.   Well, the cats get the treats.

This month I said I'd try the EVO wild cravings grain free Herring and salmon treats.  Not one of my 3 cats would touch them. 
I tried tricking them and putting them in with their normal food and they ....(really)...they ate around them.  

So a thumbs down this time for our Chewy gift. 
I ended up putting it outside for the chipmunks. 
I couldn't waste them!

Here is one of my favorite images Zach took IN Mexico. 
Such a pretty kitty -


Dee said...

Chipmunk approved or denied?

Mereknits said...

I bet the chipmunks were happy and if not them then the raccoons.

Katherine said...

Lucky chipmunks! At least I think they're lucky--maybe they didn't like the treats either. I'm sure the squirrels would eat them. I know for a fact that they will eat anything!

Araignee said...

My cats are extremely finicky when it comes to treats. They all like a different brand which is a pain in the neck. The Pup however, likes them all.

elns said...

I might be part cat. I am picky about my snacks, and yet I seem to always be snacking. Too bad about the latest sample, but I am sure someone "out there" will enjoy them. Love Zach's photo.

Judy S. said...

Yep, ours are picky, too. How do you keep your cats from eating each other's food?

SissySees said...

That's funny. My girls have liked some Chewy treats better than others, but none have been rejected. We have sent some to Calvin's pack when I failed reading 101 and selected something not Sissy-safe, but his dogs are even less choosy than mine!

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