Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shi Bui

My pal Linda just knitted this amazing color block scarf.
It is more of a shawl. 
It is more of a coat.... if you ask Linda. 
I think its Shi bui yarn and pattern.
It is a costly knit, but then again, it can be used as a coat!

Linda sees something and buys the yarn and knits it. 
She's amazing. 
Lauren is modeling the knit. 
Lauren was my patient many years ago as a premie. 
This is how Linda and I originally met. 
Thanks LAUREN! 

Despite the fact that we got 6 inches of snow yesterday, the birds are singing their hearts out this morning. 
I love a bird with a positive attitude! 


Tired Teacher said...

The last line of the post made me laugh out loud! 😃

Teresa Kasner said...

That is a gorgeous scarf! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Katherine said...

We have birds on our feeders in the rain. I was thinking they were a little daft but I'm so happy to know it's a positive attitude!

I love a big shawl that can be thrown around the shoulders for warmth any time of the year. I have one I take to the movies with me. Granddaughter is always begging me to share my shawl. I need to knit one for her and that one would be perfect. How fascinating that the model was one of your premies.

knitterbeader said...

What a perfect scarf/coat/shawl for people who live in cold country. It's beautiful.

Araignee said...

I was watching your snow on The Weather Channel yesterday. Wow. We've got the cold (boo) but not the white stuff. I could use a scarf like that right now. I'm freezing to death.

Nancy Kay said...

What a scarf/coat!! Looks warm.

You have to love a bird who sings of spring, even when a snowflake falls!!

Judy S. said...

And our GK had a blast sledding! What a pretty scarf. I've only seen that yarn in a shop in Portland.

Mereknits said...

Wow look at that beautiful knit and that beautiful young woman.

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