Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Spring Snow

 Okay I'm going to stay positive about the weather today.
I don't have to go out and drive to work so who can complain?
I'm so looking forward to 60s and thunder on Wednesday. 
This is the picot edge (ala Carole Knits) that I frogged on my Love Story color, Opal socks. 

I've done the picot edge well before but on a bigger yarn.
This yarn is worked on size 1 needles and I had trouble SEEING where I was going on the pick up round.  I ended up twisting it. 

So I Frogged it.  

Here I am nearing the middle of the foot and toe ending on the new sock.  I did a garter stitch cuff to start this one. 

I like the Opal color pattern, but the yarn is not very soft.
It is 75% wool and 25 % poly. 
I think they will wear well.
The skein is a value at 20 dollars, as I can get two pair out of one skein.  

I think I have to go pet my Lorna's laces lavender now.
I can't wait to cast on with it on size 3 needles. 

Cubs baseball begins in 2 weeks at Wrigley Field.
Did you knit to NCAA basketball this past weekend? 


Katherine said...

Yippee, Cubbies in two weeks!!!

I love the socks. What a beautiful color. I have tried the picot edge and it never seemed to work for me, but I thought yours looked really good.

Nancy Kay said...

Good looking socks! I have only used a picot edge a couple times; I think it's really elegant.

I've been ignoring the knitting needles lately; I know, that's bad!!

Suburban prep said...

I was disappointed when I awoke and we had as much snow as we do.
I actually cancelled an appt today do not feel like driving out in despite the fact that I have driven in worse.

I guess you could say socks are something I have not attempted doing yet. For some reason afraid of dpns.--I know stupid--but true.

Araignee said...

I have to admit that I enjoyed our last little snow. I know it's a short lived affair so I can deal. I really so like snow now that I don't have a job I have to get to.
As for NCAA....I thought KU was Kentucky so my brackets are now busted. year I have to pay more attention to those little details.

knitterbeader said...
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knitterbeader said...

oo bad about the picot edge - l've used it a couple of times, but it's not my favorite stitch to do by any means.
My knitting time is falling behind. We have so many visitors who come here to Arizona to "get warm"! I'm not complaining, but it's cut into knitting time.
I'm rooting for the Gonzaga Bulldogs of Spokane, WA (we lived there for 20 years).

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The opal will soften up a bit when you wash it, but it's not the softest sock yarn out there. It does wear really well though.

Amy at love made my home said...

Fantastic sock knitting! As always I am in awe of sock knitters!! xx

Tired Teacher said...

Opal is a great sock yarn. The yarn will soften in the wash, and will wear very well.

Thunder rumbled here for a short time this afternoon and a few sprinkles hit the ground, but blue sky prevails now.

Anonymous said...

Opal wears VERY well.

I didn't knit to NCAA, but I did watch the Temple/George Washington NIT game on Sunday. Steve went to Temple before we moved to Florida.

Judy S. said...

SNOW???? Can you make it melt before next week? Please. Love the socks! Opal is one of my favorites; as you say, good value and nice color choices.

elns said...

I like the colorway a lot. Ahh sock love! I am not knitting to the NCAA. I'm following the Warriors in the West for the NBA. However let's be clear, I'm not a NBA or basketball fan, I just like the Warriors.

I see how you are Kathy with your cubs. Because baseball is still the best sport to knit to, non?


karen said...

pretty knits on the needles, I would just ignore the snow as well, it will melt (eventually).

Mereknits said...

Oh no look at all that snow! We are expecting showers and storms on Friday too. Of course it is my day to take Little Buddy to school and therapy. I am sure that other pair of your bargain socks is for me!

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