Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dancing Irish Feet

Since I can't show you my socks every day -

well, I could but you'd be bored,

Here are some cute little baby booties to feast your Irish or otherwise Eyes upon. 

Since it is St. Patrick's Day I'll tell you
in the spirit of the age old joke:
we sold our Patty O'Furniture last night on craig's list.

Despite new cushions last year, the sofa was horribly uncomfortable. 
I refused to spend another summer in pain while sitting on my porch. 

Before it sold, I came across a wooden glider on the curb down the road.  I all but danced a jig.

Now I have rocked enough babies to know that those gliders are amazingly comfortable.  

I pitched the cushions and will replace them. 

I've got my seat for the summer! 
Talk about Luck of the Irish...


Nancy Kay said...

Oh...such cute baby booties!!

I had to laugh out loud at "Patty O'Furniture!" That's a good one. Yes, you DO HAVE TO HAVE comfortable furniture on the patio! It's an absolute essential. I love a glider, too. Sounds like you're set for the upcoming season of warm weather!

Araignee said...

Because I live in a swamp, I never get out once the bugs appear so outdoor furniture is a dream I have to live through others....sigh. I just spent the morning cleaning stink bugs out of my fiber stash. Now I am wondering why I was complaining about winter. I want it back!

karen said...

my gram always had a glider and us grands would swing or glide away an afternoon licking ice creams and dripping some as well. The first bug landed on my shoulder today outside...

Teresa Kasner said...

I do hope you show us your glider find once you have it spiffed up! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Katherine said...

I just love curb finds! It is such a good feeling to put something I have "outgrown" on the curb and have it gone before end of day. Love it!!

I also love the booties at the top. I think I should make some for the new baby. I especially like the two color, rather than the variegated.

Tired Teacher said...

Great curb find - enjoy gliding, knitting, reading, visiting, and relaxing.

Every year, I place the two seat glider on the front step (porch). It's a great place to sit and soak up the world around me. It will need to get much warmer before I pull it from the storage shed for the season.

elns said...

I want some video footage of you jigging in front of the glider on the Patty-O!

You really are spring cleaning!

Those baby shoes are too cute. I'm in the realm of toddler knitting now :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh lucky you indeed! I want to get a stand-alone porch spring for out back this year, so Tux and I can swing the summer away!

Judy S. said...

You scored! Are you knitting booties? I am, for the twins that are due soon. Are you still using the harpnut email?

Anonymous said...

I sense that there will be a lot of "porch knitting" in your future. Glad you found a comfy seat.

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