Tuesday, March 10, 2015


This is IN THE SNOOD. 
It uses a Tanglewood Fiber yarn that has a cashmere component. 
I am not usually drawn to yellows, but I love this color way.
I keep coming back to this page in the pattern book. 
I'm currently up to my neck, pun intended, with my garter shawl. 
I'll show you a photo soon when there is more progress. 

Fireman and I were out in the country (sort of) yesterday. 
I loved this barn. 

I'm still knitting the garter shawl square. 
So far it is a great little knit for me. 
The yarn is light and the pattern is easy.
When I have progressed more, I will share it with you.
Theresa Gaffey has numerous patterns on Ravelry. 
I may have to buy another. 
So far, she's speaking my language..

Very exciting news in these parts.
A bobcat was spotted in the county next to ours. 
I would LOVE to see a bobcat. 
I guess they are fairly common.
Have you seen one? 


Nancy Kay said...

Oh yes, that is a great colorway in yellows. I like that too. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on your knitting projects!

The barn you photographed is very picturesque! Lovely.

Yes, I have seen a bobcat, but I was high school age and out with my Dad near the mountains north of where we lived.

Caffeine Girl said...

I did not appreciate yellow until I became a knitter! Some of those dyers really know how to bring the best out of colors.

I have never seen a bobcat, either!

knitterbeader said...

Isn't it funny how we keep going back and going back to a particular pattern. I always say it must be a sign from above that I must buy this one!
I'm not a big fan of yellow for clothing because of my skin and hair color, but there are a few shades of yellow or gold which are definitely okay.
I have seen a bobcat several times to time (up in the mountains of Oregon) where I grew up.

Anonymous said...

Trying once again. Using another way.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've never seen a Bobcat, but there have been rumours of a cougar in the area for years (like 50 years!)
Where my Dad goes hunting, there are Lynxes. He's seen them, but the only time he was able to get a picture, he dropped his camera in the lake (it was per-digital, so the film was ruined)

Araignee said...

No bobcats here,thank goodness. I would die from fright. Sometimes when I am out in the back woods on the path, I think I feel something watching me. So far, it's only been regular cats or maybe a deer or two but who knows?

Tired Teacher said...

Yes, I've seen a Bobcat: they have HUGE paws to help them navigate in the snow almost like wearing their own snowshoes.

elns said...

I have not seen a bobcat. Are we supposed to be frightened? I mean I don't plan on offering up any kibble, but are they territorial I wonder. Okay I made myself nervous on your bobcat behalf. Hope you see one then, safely. ha!

I am a fan of barn pictures. I think I cross stitched a pattern with one in it before. The picture of the barn in the snow is sweet.

Judy S. said...

A couple of years ago I looked outside and a bobcat was lounging on our patio! It looked like it was surveying its kingdom! Didn't stick around long though and we've not seen it again although bobcats are said to roam our area. Love that colorway, too, and I'm not generally a yellow fan either.

Katherine said...

About two years ago on a snowy day in Texas I watched a bobcat track through the snow drift outside our fence. He was just walking along and thankfully going away from our yard. DH asked what I was looking at and I said, "a bobcat." He didn't believe me but I called animal control anyway. They said they had received other calls so I guess I really did see it. He was a beautiful animal!!

Anonymous said...

I have NOT seen one, but the Florida Wildlife Commission says they are in our area.

Maybe some day, if I am lucky.

That cowl really IS beautiful. I think you need to make it.

Teresa Kasner said...

We have not seen one, but they are in our area, along with cougar, fox, coyote and even bears! But happily those stay up in the hills and forests and have not come by. I look forward to seeing your makes. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

karen said...

I have not seen one, nor would I like to because I think a bobcat would eat frodo....I am drawn to that yellow!!

Mereknits said...

Have have seen three, or the same one three different times near our house. They are quite amazing.

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