Wednesday, March 25, 2015

At the Movies

Found this stormy photo on a google page. 
I love a good thunderstorm. 
I was awakened to a thunder clap last night and was happy to welcome it to Spring. 

Zach has posted these snowdrop lovelies on his photo page:
I love their bowing stance....

I'm deep into the planning stages of my purple sock. 
Let's see how far I get on the needles today.

Big big pretend friend news ahead.
Two pretend friends are visiting; one in April one in May
I'm so excited. 

Now for the Movies: 

We tried to watch Jersey Boys, the movie last night.
It was so bad we had to shut it off. 

We watched a documentary on K2 the other afternoon. 
I do not understand the desire but I did manage to like the movie. 

Did I tell you we went to see McFarland USA ?
It is a good story and a Disney feel good movie. 
You don't have to rush out and see it but if you catch it at home some night, it is worth the time. 

I'm not really reading anything right now. 
What are you reading? 
Seen any movies?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I planted some of those snowdrops in the garden around the tree. They haven't sprouted yet - but I'm still hopeful!

Last night Dave and I watch Despicable Me (again) and giggled like two five-year-olds.

Donna Boucher said...

That's too bad Jersy Boys stunk. I watched a rom com called Liberal Arts. Free on netflix. I liked it a lot. Also What If starring harry potter. I really liked this one. The girl is zoe Kazan and I like her.

Completely anonymous photography fan said...

I heard you can buy Zach's photo's on his website You can get them in prints or even as a customized postcard for Easter. Wow I am going to go by a hundred!

Katherine said...

Zach's photos are amazing! This one is beautiful in such a simple way.

No movies, reading, knitting for me right now, but I'm looking forward to getting back to it soon.

If I saw that storm sky while driving down a Texas road I would take cover immediately. I'm a real baby when the skies look like a tornado might be out there!

Araignee said...

We are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow. Much better than the freezing rain we had today.

I haven't been to the movies in ages. The Mister won't go because he says they are too loud.

Teresa Kasner said...

Now movies and no books right now.. but I do want to see "Wild". Gotta do that as it was filmed around here. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tired Teacher said...

Haven't heard any thunder yet, but a few sprinkles fell yesterday, and last night it snowed. Winter and Spring seem to be in a battle.

I watched a interesting documentary recently "The Overnighters" It was about the influx of people in Williston, ND due to the oil boom.

Judy S. said...

Thunder after all that snow on Monday; we heard our GK spent the morning sledding! I just finished reading Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker and enjoyed it as well as learned a few things. Love those snow drops!

Mereknits said...

The audiobook I am listening to I don't really care for nor the book I am reading. I just finished The Silkworm and it was good, not my typical stuff to read but I really enjoyed it.

Pammy Sue said...

We watched Gone Girl a few days ago. It was okay, but I thought it unbelievable and a little silly in trying to be so dramatic. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood. We may get our first storm tonight. They're having bad weather in Oklahoma with tornadoes and the whole bit right now. Glad that went north of us here in Texas.

Dee said...

K2, as in the drug? I don't "get" the desire either. I was on Oxycontin after a surgical procedure and I felt HORRIBLE. It certainly wasn't the pleasureable "high" that some people must get to beg, borrow and steal to get the stuff.

My doctor said I don't have the enzyme in my body that is needed to metabolize it in that way. Well, thank goodness for THAT, I guess.

Currently reading Maeve's Times by Maeve Binchy. No movies --- not really a movie person.

Love Zach's snowdrops. So pretty!

karen said...

we rarely go to the movies. Love the snow drops, so tender and fragile looking and yet they withstand snowstorms!

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