Friday, February 06, 2015

Guilty Pleasures Friday

 I've run out of beach pictures.

 I have not run out of sock yarn.
Pie ran into the crinkle clown pants toy I got for the cats yesterday. 

I missed the Ten on Tuesday prompt
for Ten Guilty Pleasures this week. 
I'll call this Ten on Friday...
please join in with a guilty pleasure in the comments :)

*an occasional nap

*ordering something by mail

*mexican coffee

*getting a manicure

*popcorn at the movies

*mcdonalds....  french fries

*treading my neighbors pool
I love just treading water 

*going to see the horses at the stable nearby

*bringing home fresh flowers in winter

*watching the sunset on vacation


Beth Coleman said...

A bubble bath with the door locked.

Katherine said...

The local movie tavern that allows me to order and eat a burger and fries, or a taco with fixin's, or chicken tenders, or.... Anyway, I can eat and watch the movie. WOW!

Nancy Kay said...

This week? Hmmm... trying out a new recipe and watching Jimmy Fallon nightly.

elns said...

Always a fun post with you Kathy B. You're better than a cup of coffee in the morning to raise my spirits. I like this. I love all your guilty pleasures! I'm totally taking this and running with it. I'll link you of course.

But I have to know where to get those crinkle clown pants. They would make the best gift for my friend. Though her cat really thinks he's human. Seriously, it's almost creepy.

Nancy said...

Ordering sock yarn online even though my stash is overflowing. Spending a whole day in my PJs.

Araignee said...

...the now almost empty bowl of candy jelly hearts The Mister brought me last week
...Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes from a box

Teresa Kasner said...

Those are all good things.. I love to swim more than treading water, though. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Caffeine Girl said...

I have to agree with you on the fries from Micky D's! I adore those.
I love to come home from work, change into pj's and start knitting or reading.
Vanilla Steamer from Starbucks.

SissySees said...

Oh yes. Good, hot, salty fries from Micky Ds! I wonder if the Knight ... nah, we're too far from the nearest one and they aren't the same cool and soggy.

Anonymous said...

You know what ......I could come up with lots of pleasures, but I refuse to feel guilty about them.

1. Good tea --- I particularly like Stash brand OR a local yaupon holly tea.

2. Good yarn ----- it's a pleasure to shop for, a pleasure to feel, a pleasure to knit and eventually --- a pleasure to wear.

3. Good dessert ---- lemon bars, or maybe a good raspberry pillow. Need I say more?

4. Good drive ---- taking a whole day to just cruise the backroads.

That's just a few and I don't feel one iota guilty. ;-)

Mrs. Micawber said...

Spending an ENTIRE SUNDAY working out a ridiculously simple knitted lace pattern, swatching 16 stitches over and over until I understand the how and why of yarnovers and left-leaning decreases. :)

Popcorn for dinner (not for Mr. M but for me) - a huge bowlful, tossed with melted butter and olive oil, lots of salt, garlic and onion powder, and finely grated parmesan cheese. Perfect after a Sunday spent swatching.

Wait a minute - treading water in your neighbour's pool is a guilty pleasure? I assume you're doing it uninvited, otherwise it seems a perfectly innocent pastime. :D

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