Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

 Lovemademyhome's blog invites us to Five on Friday. 
Thanks Amy!  

1.  I love my new Duluth Trading company bag.
I'm very hard on bags/ purses..
It needed something feminine about it, so I crocheted a flower. 
I'll probably make another, this was practice. 
I like the look....what do you think?
2. Time to think even more about heart health.
My father has heart disease and had CABG 
20 years ago.  Ah genetics, sometimes they stink.
Time to up the efforts here at my house.
Cholesterol levels are increasing...
what's your favorite heart healthy snack?

3. I'm finishing my latest Trap scarf.
OH Trap, How I love thee.

4. My little sister, Patti Ann, has begun to crochet. 
I want to encourage her in every way! 
I crocheted before I knit. 
I'm going to send her a care package -
Do you have a favorite crochet pattern to share with her? 
She's a beginner..

5.  Fifth and final for Friday:
I have no plans for today.
I am FREE to stay in on this brutally cold winter day.


Judy S. said...

Had no idea you had a little sister! Stay warm, Kathy; I hope your weather improves real SOON!

Katherine said...

I like the knitted heart! By far my favorite healthy snack is a Quest bar cut in half, pressed into a muffin cup and baked for about 5 minutes at 350 until crisp, then filled with vanilla Greek yogurt. YUM!

Stay warm. It is even snowing in Fort Worth today.

Lisa from @intotheglade said...
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Lisa from @intotheglade said...

Hi I think the heart is lovely too. I find the days that I have nothing planned to do often turn out to be my most productive. Grapes are my favourite healthy snack, I always keep them in the fridge for when I am tempted, they are just sweet enough too. Have a lovely weekend x

Beth Coleman said...

Love the heart!

Caffeine Girl said...

You got to stay home today? Lucky you!
I love that knitted heart. Heart disease runs through my family so it's never far from my mind. The only snack bar I'll touch are Kind bars.

Nancy said...

Isn't Duluth Trading Company the best! Good products, prices, and service.

Heart issues run in my family, too. It's difficult to run from genetics.

Araignee said...

I fill up on air popped corn with a spray of olive oil. I make a big bowl and nibble on it all day to keep the munchies at bay.
I am a beginning crocheter also and I find lots of easy projects and tutorials over on Attic 24.
Days that I don't have to get in a car are my favorite days.

Rosie said...

How lovely to have a free day and to not have to go out in such cold weather. Stay warm:)

karen said...

avocado! I used a lot of the info at the eating well site for improving my diet and lowering my cholesterol which I did :) and lost weight as well!

Amy at love made my home said...

Sorry to be late stopping by. Five good things for sure!! Your link wasn't working to start with, so I sorted it out, but I will do a tutorial if I can next week on how to link as some people have had trouble, so you might like to have a look. Thank you so much for taking part, I hope you will join in again. Hope you are having a great weekend. xx

SissySees said...

I keep forgetting about UVA's Red campaign (heart health). My father died of sudden cardiac death, and I have to presume my mother did as well, even though Deliverance's ME didn't list a cause of death, and that's legal in that state...

I love Kind bars, fruit, carrots, homemade smoothies...

I have some crochet dish cloth patterns in my Ravelry projects that were easy.

Marion Ogden said...

These are very nice five things. I've recently made a crocheted pit holder. It's all in double crochets and would be good for a beginner. The pattern is Kat Goldin's. X

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love your little angel - so cute!

Patricia said...

Five good things Kathy and I love the heart. It's great having a free day isn't it. Keep warm and have a good week.

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