Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ten On Tuesday, Day 13, 2015

this is a Ravelry pattern my dear by Claire Garland....

I am joining Caroleknits Ten on Tuesday Prompt: 
10 Ways to Make Winter Less Bleak!~

  • Try something different in your emails to friends: you can change the color of the letters, add a quote to the bottom of each note, or change the default font. 

  • Knit just one item for charity.  We know our own kids lose their  hats and mittens .....why not knit a fresh hat or mittens for someone who innocently lost theirs.   You can donate to your local school and they will get them to a child in need.  

  • Entertain.  Most people have more time in January and February than they did in December.  Invite friends over and make them a warm meal of chili and homemade bread or rolls. 

  • Take a class at your Local Yarn Studio.   Learning a new skill or just enjoying the company of other knitters really lights up gray winter days.

  • This one's not for everyone, but I love to go to the stables nearby and just pet the horses.  I love to watch the students cantering in the ring.  It is a visual vacation for me to watch horses. 
  • Shut off the TV and read a book.  Put on some classical music and pour yourself a glass of wine.  Grab a blanket and you are all set.  Reading about the Iditarod is fascinating to me. 
Mail someone a package.  There is nothing quite as cheering as sending a surprise box to someone.  You could organize a swap if you really want to have fun. 

  • Shop the after Holiday sales NOW.  Steep discounts apply on most Christmas items.  I saw a fantastic pillow at TJ Max yesterday for 10 dollars.  I'm regretting not buying it for my sister in law.....

  • Walk in the woods with a stick or your poles. 
  • Just put your boots on and use the poles for additional stability. 
  • Once you are among the trees and rivers the winter world is a lovely landscape.  You don't have to walk far, just get out. 

  • Make your own notecards.  Find a photo you love and have them made into your notecards.  The cost is low and everyone loves a personal card...
  • I have a photo of a snowy yard with laundry drying on the line. I made it into notecards and everyone loved them. 
  • I need to do this again! 

What do you do to make winter less bleak?


Nancy said...

Knit for charities and friends
Make Quilts of Valor for veterans
Read books that have been piling up faster than the junk mail
Assemble challenging puzzles

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I like to knit with really colourful yarns. I also love spending cold winter days watching the birds that come to my feeder.

Donna said...

What a GREAT list. I love the idea of knitting for charity. I don't do it nearly as much as I would like.

Bonny said...

You've created an excellent list, with lots of original ideas. I especially like the notecards and think I'll be trying that one myself. Thank you!

Katherine said...

Good list! I'm afraid I will not be entertaining in January, February, March OR April, but life will get back to normal after that and entertaining is a good idea for those days when I say to myself, "What now?"

I am blessed to have the horses come to me. I can hardly keep apples in the house because there are horse faces hanging over our back fence, begging to be fed. They do take carrots when we are low on apples!

Just last night I turned off the TV and read my book. My passion for mysteries and courtroom dramas is being fed at this time by Marcia Clark's book The Competition.

Great post Kathy!!

Natalie Rush said...

Nice list!!

Do you know the pattern for the picture?

Felicia Price said...

I love to read, it's one of my favorite past times.

Pammy Sue said...

I loved this post! I'm gonna come back and read it again and take some notes. Isn't that pathetic? LOL. We all need reminders of these simple kinds of things though!

elns said...

It's a great list and get out of my head! I totally made notecards this winter. I didn't manage holiday cards, but notecards yes, ha! Think you're fantastic Kathy. I love the idea of a visual vacation. Charity knitting should always be on the list, eh? Volunteer and/or donate time, goods, whatever works for you and yours.

Paula Kaye said...

I have never learned to knit. Maybe I should think about it! Visiting from Ten on Tuesday

Nancy Kay said...

Teach some knitting or needle-felting classes.
Play in the orchestra for the local college's winter musical.
Make lots of lunch or coffee dates.

Kwizgiver said...

What a wonderful list! My local cancer support group has a major fundraiser in February and my knitting group makes hats for that. But you've inspired me to make some mittens and a cowl or two extra. Charity knitting is good for the soul.

Araignee said...

Honestly, winter is not that bleak for me. I get gorgeous sunshine in the front window where I sit and bask all afternoon with a good audio book, a cup of tea and a project in my lap. The trees shade us all spring, summer and fall so it's a treat. As soon as it's dark, I light the house up with nightlights in every room. I use pink bulbs for a warm glow.

Teresa Kasner said...

I love your list.. I sent a package to my daughter and 2 granddaughters today, so I can mark that one off your list! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Judy S. said...

Great list, Kathy! It's clear you won't get bored during the cold weather. I love to read also, but I'd add join a choir to the list.

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