Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 22, 2015 Cold No More

 I sure do love my side by side sock knitting. 
Rest assured the second sock is just as wide as the first. 
Im in a little hurry this morning to get to the Shelter for surgeries
on the puppies and kittens.  I snapped a quick picture and it looks like the socks are a bit different but its just the way I put them down. 
Someone asked what side by side knitting is; it is knitting the two socks by knitting the parts at the same time instead of knitting one whole sock and then the next. 
This prevents the dreaded second sock syndrome. 
Love me some Lorna's Laces.....
 In other big news here, Honda Rhonda turned over 100,000 miles this week.  Such a big day for her: I even took her to the car wash. 
She's 18.  She's a trooper. 
Finally today, I leave you with the Churchmouse fingerless mitts at my LYS.  I love the buttons added to the cuffs. 
This is ironic because I hate to sew buttons. 
I love the yarn color way too.

Im headed out into the tundra. It is cold, it is grey and it is going to last for the rest of your life. ...(Groundhog Day the movie) 
OH!  I forgot the biggest news of all. !!!!
I bought myself an electric blanket yesterday. 

I was tired of warming up my neck warmer and filling a hot water bottle and still shivering. 
It's magic. 
It's heavenly. 
All that who hah about sitting and your health...
sitting under an electric blanket in a cold and damp drafty old house 
is good for you!  I said so.
I'm sure they will come out with a study proving it soon..

What study are you certain is wrong?


Ingrid K. said...

Hey Kathy!
Keep knitting and keep cats and keep warm!!! :)))
Ingrid xx

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Socks look great! I find throwing on a couple of cats helps keep me warm too!

Nancy said...

I try to knit socks like that, too, as it motivates me.

Recently, I've been wearing a caplet around the house, especially in the evenings, to cut the chill.

knitterbeader said...

Love, love, love those socks - the colorway is beautiful. I haven't knit any socks for awhile, and now maybe I just might have to check that out! It's amazing how well Honda's last, isn't it. We have a Honda Odessy van (2005) which has around 150,000 miles and still growing strong. Keep warm!

Donna Boucher said...

That's such a good idea. Two at a time.
My toes are cold.

Katherine said...

Terrific socks! I'm sure any study that says brussel sprouts are good for you is wrong, wrong, wrong. Kale, on the other hand is truly good for you!

Anonymous said...

You are making amazing progress on those socks. Isn't it amazing what retirement will do for your knitting?

What kind of Honda is Rhonda? I had a CR-V for 12 years. In 2010 I traded my GreenMachine in for Buster. Buster is a Subaru Forester. He's a boring grey, but I'm learning to love him. (But, nothing will ever replace the great memories made in that CR-V ----- that SPTUTY saw a lot of travels around the state with the band kids).

I'm absolutely sure that the study regarding exercise MUST be wrong. It's just a hateful chore that must be done. I doubt it's really GOOD for your attitude.

Araignee said...

All the studies are wrong. Just watch some daytime TV and see all the adverts for lawyers wanting to sue every drug company and health organization. I'm afraid to take any medication or undergo any procedures. According to the lawyers, they are all going to kill you eventually.
I used to love my electric blanket but my hot flashes ruined all that. I can't even take a hot bath anymore.

Mrs. Micawber said...

I like the colour pooling on those socks ... like swathes of cafe au lait with patches of pencil sketches. And the mitts are adorable.

We sit on and under blankets too (but not electric ones). Though in my heart I know wool is best, I am rather addicted to microfleece or minky blankets. And we have this thing called a Soleus Oscillating Reflective Heater (but we call it a "personal sun") that is as good as a mini fireplace. Why heat a whole house when you can just heat the spot you're in?

Any study that says butter is bad for you is WRONG. :D

karen said...

I'm sure electric blankets are fine as well as cell phones :) love the socks and the mitts, and wow to the amount of buttons you did sew! Striking design element :)

Caffeine Girl said...

I love the side-by-side idea. It would be expecially great for socks that have tricky parts, so you don't forget how to do the tricky part by the time you get to the second sock.
As for studies, I wish people would start believing the studies on innoculations for children not causing autism.

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