Friday, January 02, 2015

Day 2 , 2015

 This is Nussler's ribbed loop. 

It is a free Ravelry pattern and I love the look. 
You cannot see the buttonholes and buttons in this designer's image.
There are 3 button holes where you secure the roll down. 
Stay tuned, I'll show you mine in a week or so. 

I think I forgot to mention that my KNIT Goal for the new Year is to LOOK AT my knitting.  
What? You say?
Yup, I tend to just stitch and stitch and not look at each row. 
No wonder I drop stitches. 
I think it is an attainable goal ;) 
 The sun is shining into the kitchen. 
It is bitter cold. 
Yesterday, a very fluffed up cat was sitting in our window box, looking at Pie inside the house. 

I had to feed the poor thing.  
Within minutes of putting out a dish, the cat was back and devoured the can of food. 

I cannot understand how people leave animals outside in this frigid weather. 

If she/he returns I'll call him New Years....
I don't mind feeding him. 

I have finished my first book of 2015. 

This was a delightful easy read. 
Zach gave it to me for Christmas. 

I need to give it to my pal Diane. 
Diane was the racing pigeon rescuer last year. 

Are you reading?


Nancy Kay said...

The Nussler's Ribbed Loop is a very good looking scarf. I am wearing my scarves like crazy these days with the arctic temps keeping us in the freezer! Your first "read" of 2015 looks like a winner. I love beautiful stories. And, I'm so warmed by the fact that you fed the cat looking in on your warm house...I don't get it either when people don't take GOOD care of their animals.

knitterbeader said...

That Nussler's Ribbed Loop is certainly an interesting pattern, and looks very attractive. I will look forward to seeing your finished project!
I'm reading Unbroken by Laura Hillebrand on my Kindle every night before going to sleep. It's very intense and sometimes quite troubling. I had an uncle who was captured the day after Pearl Harbor and in a prison camp until the end of the war, so makes me wonder how humane or inhumane he was treated. I don't think I want to see the movie.
I just got all that beautiful new yarn for Christmas and our Anniversary, but haven't decided what to knit with it yet. I have several ideas for each skein, so need to get back at making a decision and going with it. Sometimes that's the hardest part.
Keep warm! We're even suffering from the cold here in Arizona. It's been in the 20's at night and high 40's in the daytime - rather unusual for us. Back to the 70's next week thought - Yay!

Katherine said...

I am reading constantly and knitting though I do not seem to be getting anywhere with the knitting. Have you had times when you knit and knit and nothing grows larger? Maybe my knitting is saying, "Look at me" because I am also guilty of not looking at my knitting. Good resolution Kathy!

Poor kitty, out in the cold. I would have to take him in (maybe the basement). Or, I would be the crazy lady out there in the cold looking for a warm place for him/her and getting him fixed up with a blanket and box. Wouldn't you like to say a few choice words to the owners?

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Kathy! That looks like an interesting cowl to knit! Good luck!!!
And keep looking!!! (I know, I've done it as well some of the time, only to realize much later that I did a knit instead of a purl or similar), then I have to go back and fix it. Grrrr!!!
Poor kitty!!! Keep feeding him!
I'm always reading! Currently on the latest Sebastian Fitzek (a German Thriller writer) - Passagier 23 ( which I bought on my last visit to Germany. Before that I just finished reading the Victoria Bergman Trilogy (also in German). I tend to read mostly English books, though... :) I think I have managed to read 4 whole books in Dutch so far which is not bad at all.

Happy knitting!
Ingrid xx

Mereknits said...

Very fun cowl, I'd like to know more about it. I just started The Light We Do Not See, and am listening to Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky. Both seem good but they are both brand new. I am going to keep a list of all the books I read or listen to this year just for fun. I need to get knitting.

SissySees said...

I rarely take my eyes off my knitting. I couldn't knit any other way!

I am reading Sophie's World. I am going to read more this year, and write regularly. This going to be a good year!

Araignee said...

So sweet of you to feed the hungry kitty. I feed anything that comes to the door and asks. It's the least I can do for the poor lost things in the world. One of them brought me a big mouse today. Yum.
I never read. I listen and right now I am listening to Winter Solstice by Rosamund Pilcher. I don't know what I would do without my Audible subscription. My busy hands don't have time to hold a book.

Nancy said...

I tend to check my knitting often: it's very satisfying to check the stitches and my progress.

As for reading, I am nearly finished with Between Sisters.

Judy S. said...

Oh, I need to check out that pattern. It's a beaut. That's the way we ended up with Mocha; she was clearly starving and then we noticed she had been declawed. What are people thinking, for sure? I'm reading The Count of Monte Cristo for book club and learning about Napoleon.

Patty said...

That book looks great! I'm reading the Outlander and am not sure what I think!

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