Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 14, 2015 Year of the Seam

Does anyone know what kind of Hawk was waiting for breakfast in my yard this morning? 
Cooper's Hawk?  It is not a red tail.
Fireman spotted him in the tree and called me over. 
Hawks are so cool aren't they? 
I know they are picking off a sparrow or two around here, but they have to eat too.  I was overjoyed to see this one! 
And now for my public apology to Meredith.  I'm frogging lady Kina. 
It's not her fault that I put the arms in two non balanced places. It's not her fault that I had to learn the hard way how to manipulate all those stitches on the biggest needles I own.
Poor Lady Kina, I cannot bear to keep going. I can't even keep going unless I frog back to the arm parts.
I'm not having any fun. 
I put her in a time out and thought long and hard about the sweater.  
Moving on!

Now for the good news.  I learned there may be a nice benefit to learning to knit in pieces and not in the round. 
I really need to be able to SEE the whole as I knit. 
After all, my resolution this year is to LOOK at my knitting right? 

So I have to learn to seam this year...that's a fine goal. 

I LOVE the yarn and the color.  
I'm thinking a two piece vest is in order. 
Mere, I know when you finish your Lady Kina I'll be jealous! 

So am I the first to frog in 2015? 
Knit on my friends, and be happy!


Nancy Kay said...

Oh dear. Yes, you might just be the first frog of the year. But, you need to be happy with the garment...or what's the point of all the work? Right?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It could be a Sharp-shinned hawk - they are very similar to the Cooper's Hawk

knitterbeader said...

I agree about frogging the Kina. If you're not happy with it - FROG! I purchased a Craftsy class "The Essential Guide to Finishing Handknits" by Anne Hanson of Knitspot yarns. She is very thorough, and I also need help when seaming. You might also like her blog: They only sell natural colored undyed yarns which are absolutely gorgeous looking, feel soft and knit up very well. It's amazing to me how many different colors of sheep there are.

I finally finished my Colored Scarf. I'm still crazy about it, but think my granddaughter will like it. It was fun using up all my mini skeins and leftover fingering weight yarn.

Pammy Sue said...

Frogging hurts! But it also takes guts after hours of work, so I'm glad you had the guts to do it and put that pretty yarn to good use elsewhere. Sometimes things just don't work, and sometimes you're just not feelin' it, right? Don't you feel lighter now? I have no idea what the hawk is. We had one hanging around here this summer.

Barbara Vidock said...

Red-tailed maybe? A young one?

KSD said...

I'm thinking Sharp-shinned, too. Whatever he is, he's all ruffed out against the cold!

I'm sure Lady Kina understands, and bears you no ill will.

Nancy said...

If the problem is not one you can live with, then frog it. Life's too short to hang on to things that don't work out.

The hawk is handsome, but I don't know what he is.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just gotta frog!

Fortunately, no knitting frogs here, but I've had several cross stitch frogs. I am currently stitching on the WRONG side of perforated paper. But, really won't be noticed when I'm done. I'm leaving it as it is. I'm too far in to switch it around now. LOL

Katherine said...

I agree with Fireman, Coopers Hawk. We have one that goes after our Blue Jays. I think they must be tasty.

Go Frogger!! Yea, yea, yea!!
Save that yarn for a better day!! (My latent cheerleader)

After I learned to seam I found that I still did not enjoy it so I started sewing my sweater pieces together with the machine. It works and they look great, AND the sweater holds up through washing and wearing much better.

Araignee said...

I frogged my Citron on the 5th and it felt wonderful. It's going to a much better place.
I agree with your thoughts about knitting in pieces. Knitting seamless garments is hard. They go on forever and it is difficult to make adjustments in them. I learned that the hard way with my Featherweight that went in the trash after I felted it trying to adjust the size.
I am going to try Katherine's idea about machine seaming. Why not? I seam my weaving on the machine.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

There is freedom with the courage to frog. ;) I know you will find another purpose for that beautiful yarn that will make you happy... both in process and finished. I LOVE hawks. I'm not sure what kind he is... but, he is sure beautiful. On to a happier project! blessings ~ tanna

karen said...

I ripped out 20 rows so I guess you had a little bit of company. Sad but glad you put it in time out and thought about it!!

Beth Coleman said...

Omg no! I can't count how many things I've already frogged!

Mereknits said...

Okay I commented to soon on your latest post, no worries about the Kina, if it wasn't working there was a lot more knitting to go so it is best to frog now. No apologies necessary, I am bored with her myself, but after getting those sleeves cast off it is moving along a lot faster.

Judy S. said...

Oh no, I hope you can find a use for that pretty blue yarn. If you didn't like it, you'd never wear it, so frogging was the answer, but it still hurts.

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