Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 10, 2015 Knitting by the Fireside

 This is a park near my home.
The little lake is frozen over. 
They put Christmas trees on the ice and as they sink they become fish habitat. 

Today's knit talk is a fireside chat...
I'm sitting near the fireplace with a blazing fire going. 
I am wearing the shawl that my work pal crocheted for me when I retired. 
I'm still chilly.  
Where's a hot flash when you need one? 

I think we can call it a Fireside chat as I am the president of this little irisheyes blog.  

I was up at my LYS today and told Adrienne about my arm fatigue while knitting Kina. 
She asked if I was using slippery needles. 
I wasn't.  I was using my old trusty woodens.

I came home and knit all the Kina stitches onto my metal needles.  
Here's hoping the simple switch will be easier on my arms. 
Adrienne also suggested the obvious which I'd ignored: 
Use pillows under my arms and sit up straight.  
Ahem....okay I'm working on that...
I need a button for my Kina. I'm a few weeks away from a finish, but I enjoyed looking at the buttons at the studio. 

I also bought some wooden 9 inch straights in size 3s for my ....latest....trap. 

Yes, I've started another Trap. 
It took me ten full days into the New Year to start another. I feel like an addict. 
I'm kind of giddy about it...

It's good to be giddy!


KSD said...
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KSD said...

I don't know if you've ever tried square needles, but they are VERY easy on the wrists and arms. I could tell a difference before the end of the first row I ever knit with them.

knitterbeader said...

I've used Addi needles since I began knitting oh those many years ago and love them. I don't get any hand or arm problems, but everyone is different.
I made a Baby Kina in 2010 in case you want to go here: I loved how it turned out and looking forward to seeing your "Lady". Are you on Ravelry?
I'm cold also - it's 69 degrees outside here in Arizona today and when you're used to the 70's we had earlier this week, it's colddddddddddddd. We have our electric fireplace on, which is nice and cozy to sit by and knit.

Judy S. said...

Tonight, along with almost everyone in Seattle, we are going to be glued to the TV watching the Seahawks. I will be also knitting. Your Lady K. is the perfect spot for a special button; hope you find one!

Nancy said...

I'm chilled tonight, too, and since I don't have a fireplace in my house, I am watching a virtual fireplace on Netflix and snuggled in a wool blanket.

Wooden needles are much too slow for me, so I nearly always knit with metal ones. Great idea to use the pillows.

Araignee said...

I'm in bed right now with a hot water bottle. I've been outside in this windy 20 degree weather all day at one ice rink or another and now I can't get warm. I'm going to have to get up and get a shawl and maybe even a hat if this keeps up. I could use a hot flash and I hate hot flashes.I'm back on the ice tomorrow at 9am. I'm stopping on my way home for some hot chocolate.

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Kathy!
It's not so cold here in Belgium, but we got a lot of wind which makes it feel colder. Thankfully no snow! I'm also knitting lots, and I use knit pro needles where you can change the size of your needles. The wool glides beautifully on them! You could always snuggle with a hot water bottle tugged into your back which is very relaxing!
Happy knitting!

SissySees said...

I am having numbness in my fingers when I knit a while. I'm guessing it's just because my knitting endurance muscles are weak.

I wear a hat when I'm cold. It warms me right up!

Mereknits said...

I hurt my shoulder while holding Little Buddy last night when we were at our neighbor's for a party. I had to come home and take a bunch of Tylenol. I am not happy. Yes you need a pillow under your arms for support. Relax your shoulders and roll them forward and back every once in a while when you knit. Wrist problems also mask themselves as shoulder problems so if you need to wear some wrist splints while knitting and sleeping it might help.
I am knitting today anyway, I need to get moving on this Lady Kina.

Nancy Kay said...

The picture of the frozen lake near you is quite lovely...very wintery! Knitting near a warm fire is just the ticket; I've been doing that too! Have fun with the Trap.

karen said...

another trap? never....I knit only on metal except for socks, I had to switch to woodens to each my angry knitting for some reason I knit aggressively on dpns and holding wooden ones stops that behavior. I'm assuming I know I could snap that needle in two if I grasp too hard!!

elns said...

I love the frozen park photo, Kathy! I need a scarf just looking at it!

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