Monday, December 15, 2014

The One Day Gift Scarf

 I was not going to gift knit before Christmas this year.
Necessity thought otherwise. 
 Yesterday, I found big chunky soft black yarn in my stash.
Knitted a lengthwise garter scarf .....for the impossible Brother - in - law.  
All garter.
Today: back to my reader's wrap for me!
As I won't use up all my sock remnants in the Trap I have on the needles, I was drawn to this baby blanket at 3 Bags, made of leftovers.  

It's a free shop pattern.  I think I'm in. 

Seems I'm always at a loss for what to make for dinner. 
When I was working as a nurse, I worked two to three evenings a week.  I got out of cooking for those nights. 
Marrying a fireman, means you have a good cook in the house. 
My kids did not starve or complain when 'daddy' was the cook. 

So I'll tell you what I've made for dinner lately. 
Maybe you need ideas to?

Stuffed Shells
Porktenderloin roasted with my friend's special rub
Pancakes, bacon and eggs.

I have no idea for tonight yet...


Nancy said...

I finished a pair of socks last night that will be a gift, but no other gift knitting happening here.

Katherine said...

Here it is going to be short ribs in the pressure cooker with scalloped potatoes. I'm still busy wrapping, I mean bagging, so it has to be easy-peasy!

I love the scarf! Great idea for a last minute gift. I must get the pattern for that baby blanket. It is beautiful and I have tons of leftover sock yarn!

Mereknits said...

Where did my comment go? I think Fireman still should cook a few nights a week.

Kat said...

Pesto pasta with diced up chicken and ceasar salad as veggies! :)

Suburban prep said...

My husband and I are always at a loss for what to have for dinner.
He would have pizza every night if he could. While I can handle pizza just not every night. Barnaby's Pizza is my favorite and the one in Northbrook because the others do not have the cornmeal crust.

How wonderful that you were able to make such a lovely item for a gift.
I will have to see about the pattern for the blanket because I always have leftovers.

Caffeine Girl said...

Luckily, my husband doesn't expect me to cook at all. Sometimes we scrounge in the frig. Othertimes I make soups or stews. I have the ingredients for Beef Barley soup ready to go.

Araignee said...

Scrumptious scarf. I want to pet it-with my good hand.
Dinners? Tonight it was red beans and rice in the rice cooker. Sprinkle on cheese and a dash of Crystal hot sauce and it's a rare yum over here. Usually it's a bowl of cereal or a sandwich.

Judy S. said...

Nice scarf! There's a sock pattern like that blanket called Jaywalker, a fun knit especially with self-striping yarn. We've had lots of "dinners" lately of soft-boiled's that time of year, I guess.

Beth Coleman said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice warm scarf. Perfect for an Illinois winter.

I love that baby blanket. Maybe I'll do that with MY sock yarn leftovers. I don't have a baby, but it might make a good throw for on the sofa.

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