Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanks TO Nancy !

 Yesterday, thanks to Nancy's dedication to QUILTS of Valor, 
a local chapter of this nationwide group, presented a quilt to our friend and Vietnam Vet Larry.  
Shirley and the others including Boyd, himself a Vietnam vet,
were so happy to do this for Larry.

We had no idea what Larry's quilt would look like.
Turns out its perfect. Larry loves the water. 
The beautiful blue pieces of material look so lovely in his quilt. 
The back is stars of red white and blue.

When we arrived, Boyd said to Larry :Welcome home. 
So many Vietnam Vets were not welcomed at all when they returned from the horrors of that war.  

Boyd and Larry swapped a few stories. 
Larry said his first Christmas in the Army was his first away from  home.  He was just 19.  He said it was just another day of war. 

The Elgin group is looking for more to join them. They just branched out from a much larger group in our area. 

It was a great afternoon. 
Nancy, the group showed us the process and explained the history of Quilts of Valor. 
They all laughed and admitted to too much stash...

Nancy, thanks.  The group couldn't believe I heard of them via WYOMING.  

Thanks for making Larry and Sandy feel so happy yesterday. 
I had tears in my eyes. 


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Dave's step-father was a Vietnam vet. I think, regardless of your opinion of the war, you have to respect the sacrifice the men made. This was a very lovely gesture.

SapphireBlue said...

What a gorgeous quilt!!

Nancy Kay said...

What a great story! That's wonderful. I so admire what gals like Nancy donate in terms of compassion, time, and talent.

Nancy said...

I am thrilled that Larry was honored in such a personal way! Kudos to the Elgin group for providing quilty hugs to the veterans in your area. God Bless them and all the vets they honor.

Araignee said...

How lovely! I had to go Google this group and was amazed to see they have awarded over 110,000 quilts. It's too bad Daddio is out of commision or I'd have him on this.

SissySees said...

I have tears too!! Thank you - and Nancy - for sharing. I had two uncles come home from Vietnam to shame or worse and lifetimes of mental health issues, and my father struggled mightily with the his demons from Korea. Bless those who are looking out for the Vets.

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