Friday, December 05, 2014

Holiday My House

 Pretend friends are really Magical friends. 
Do you remember Lynn who reads my blog and adopted Fixie and Bonk? They are gorgeous and two now.  They are now Teddie and Mr. Whiskers.  Let me tell you Mr. Whiskers has the most beautiful whiskers I have ever
and I mean ever

Well, I got this lovely call from Lynn Yesterday.
She went completely out of her way and found a couple that is very interested in adopting the boys! 
They sound in a word: perfect.
Paws crossed please! 
If they have a home, that's a little miracle!
Lynn, I thank you from the bottom of my crazy cat lady heart. 
Zach, this is another great image of the Princess Bride brothers...
thank you!

 Mini-miracle number two:  I made these Oreo cookie truffles and they are awesome.   It is a simple recipe with cream cheese and crushed oreos.  Roll them up, dip them in melted chocolate. 
I made these for the shelter's bake sale this weekend. 
We had to test a few though ...just to be safe you know....

Finished my Fingerless in Liberty Wool. 
2by2 rib around 42 stitches. 
Leave a buttonhole for the thumbs. 
I adapted Eweewee's Fireside Wristlets 
pattern which was not in the round.  

So happy at the prospect of a forever home for the kittens...
stay tuned


Nancy Kay said...

Kudos to Zach for a FABULOUS holiday picture of the whiskered boys. Who could resist??? Congrats that you may have found the perfect adoptive masters. Yeah!

Ooooo, those treats look tasty. I am wishing I could reach into the computer screen for a little taste test of my own!

Fingerless! Well done!

knitterbeader said...

Here's hoping for your sake, that a successful adoption takes place of these sweet little kittens! I can't imagine having to say good-bye to them, however, one must. Oh those chocolate treats look yummy! (and so do the mitts).

Sue said...

It'll be nice for them to go together. They should make someone's Christmas merry.

Katherine said...

Prayers being said and fingers and paws crossed for the kitties! I love your fingerless mitts. The colors are gorgeous! And the Oreo cookie truffles are yummy looking. I'm craving chocolate just looking at them.

Caffeine Girl said...

That is such good news about the kittens. Those truffles look like the perfect way to celebrate an adoption!

Mereknits said...

My paws are crossed the kittens find the perfect home, I am making Max cross his too.

Nancy said...

Things are falling into place - adopting, "baking," and knitting - all in one post. Fantastic!

Love the photo of the fur-guys. Nice shot, Zach!

KSD said...

Great, great news on the boys. Paws crossed, indeed.

And the mitts are glorious.

elns said...

I'm really excited for the kitties! I hope it all pans out. Fingers crossed! The picture is super cute. Your oreo truffles look fantastic I hope they taste half as good as that picture looks! And your mitts remind me again of why I love color changing yarn so much. swoon!

Anonymous said...

Crossing my paws! They are two cute not to be adopted. It will be especially nice if they get to stay together.

Araignee said...

I was at the shelter today and it was FULL of black kittens. There must be something in the stars for black kitties. I've never seen so many in one place. I wish I could have brought them all home but seven is enough. The Mister put his foot down.
Those truffles look amazing. I must try them.
I love your mitts but they make me sad. I lost one of my favorite pair today and I'm going to boo hoo for a long time about it.

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Kathy! love your new mitts, great colours! <3 I only just finished mine this morning as well...
Good luck with the kittens! I love black cats, I can't see why any animal lover would not love these little ones!!!
Enjoy your weekend,
Ingrid xx

SissySees said...

Love it - all of it. Prayers and crossed paws abound here, and I think I need that recipe.

SapphireBlue said...

Congratulations to the boys!

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