Thursday, December 04, 2014

20 Days Until Christmas Cookies

  1. I'm still holding out on the cookies in the freezer.  
  2. Does this mean I'm in the home stretch?
  3. Yesterday I knit with friends and it was a good thing.
  4. Today I'll watch Peter Pan ; I love musicals
  5. Fingerless are in the homestretch too and who ever left the comment on Liberty wool being are so right! 
  6. 3 more days and the kittens go back; fingers crossed they get chosen and adopted out to someone wonderful.
  7. Have to give up control....over many things including kitten placement!
  8. I love to see fellow bloggers Winter decorations. Keep them coming.
  9. I didnt shop on Cyber monday....
  10. Peace to you all today.  Christmas Peace the best kind


Nancy said...

Yes, indeed, the cookies will be safe until Christmas. ;o)

I did not partake in Black Friday, Small Saturday or Cyber Monday, but I did knit.

Nancy Kay said...

I'm freezing the cookies I'm making...but I am the official taste tester...sooo.....

The Knitting Kat said...

Fingers crossed for the kitties!

Ingrid K. said...

Keep calm and keep knitting, Kathy!!!
(please print out and put it above your screen where you can see it!)
Ingrid xx

Katherine said...

I'm so impressed by your resolve! I make no promises where the Christmas cookies are concerned. In fact, I am making a big batch to take to the Fire Station fireworks on Saturday night. Our daughter is bringing the hot chocolate for everyone and I am in charge of making sure the cookies are still warm. I believe Christmas calories don't count.

I'm hoping for the best home possible for the kitties. They are both so cute.

elns said...

That photo is darling! Is it all Christmas cookies that haunt you Kathy or is it a specific kind?

Anonymous said...

That kitten sure does like to pose! LOL

I did shop on Black Friday --- but it was a skein of yarn from an art gallery. I certainly wasn't going anywhere NEAR the mall.

kathyinozarks said...

I do the same-freeze as I make otherwise we would eat them all lol

karen said...

I hope the kittens find their forever home. Lovely list, you know I'm partial to them!

Mereknits said...

Oh now I am worried about the kittens and I have never even met them. I did shop on cyber Monday, but had no idea it was actually cyber Monday.

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