Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day!

 I have such respect for Veterans.  Thank you to each of you who is a Vet or is married to or in love with a Vet. 
To Barb and her husband Ron, thank you thank you thank you. 
Vietnam.....a horror. 
To Larry and Sandy thank you thank you thank you
Vietnam...a horror
To Christine and Jeremy...thank you ..young,  in love,
and active duty.  

I wanted to post a good site for Vietnam Vet donations, but I'm waiting to hear from Barb.  Barb says the Wounded Warrior Project is Awesome!  
 This is a horrible picture of my magic circle vest.  Squint ok?
It is knit in one big circle. 
I'm going along, not really sure what's going on...
Blindly knitting away and enjoying it! 
 This is a crazy cat lady mug. 

Update on Westley and Dink....Humperdink..
Westely is playful with toys.
Dink is sleepy this morning.  

Hug a Vet today~


Nancy said...

Today the weather is nasty, so I doubt many people will take part in the local Veteran's Day festivities, but the weather cannot lessen the gratitude I have for those who have served through the years. God Bless every one of them!

Nancy Kay said...

Our Veterans are in my thoughts today. Bless them for all they have given and given up. They are heroic in many ways. I'm glad to hear that your friend has very positive things to say about the Wounded Warrior Project; it's one of the charities I have given a donation. You just hope the money profits the Vets, not just administrators.

Love the pictures of the kitties.

Katherine said...

I will indeed hug a Vietnam Vet today--many times.

I can't say enough about good things about Wounded Warrior Project. Our family supports them with donations as often as we can.

Love the crazy cat lady cup!

Judy S. said...

We all owe a big thank you to our veterans as well as those on active duty! Cute kitties. Interesting nail polish! I double-clicked on The Circle and noticed, but still couldn't make out your project. Oh well, at least you're knitting away!
Have a good one!

knitterbeader said...

I hugged a Vet today - my husband!! We're leaving here shortly to attend a Veterans Day program. Thank you to all those Veterans and Active Duty service men and women. We owe our lives to them!

Ingrid K. said...

...2 kitties!!! YAY!!!!
ok, now I am REALLY going to bed!!!
Ingrid xx

SissySees said...

It's a very special Veteran's Day; I need to go blog. No vets to hug here, but I've shed a few tears for the ones I wish I could hug once more.

Araignee said...

Son in Law is an Iraqi vet and he supports the Wounded Warrior project. I get tees and sweatshirts from him and Daughter for Christmas every year and I cherish them. If it wasn't for the war he wouldn't be my son in law. The whole time he was in Iraq for his two deployments he kept thinking about a little blonde girl he used to kiss at recess in kindergarten. He told himself if he made it out alive he would find her and marry her. He did.

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