Monday, November 17, 2014

Finishes on Monday

 My little hat is finished complete with Pom Pom. 
I made the pom around my hand ...
I wound it so tight my fingers starting turning colors...
note to self: You don't have to wind so tightly. 

My Magic Circle Vest is finished. 
Lest you think it is a Chirstmas tree skirt, let me explain. 
I do think the yarn from the sheep and wool festival wanted to be this vest.  
Hilarity ensued when I could not figure out how to put it on.
Thank Goodness Fireman is not geometrically challenged like me. 
I'll try to get someone to snap a shot of it on me later. 
Fun, easy pattern. 
Lots of stitch markers and increasing on alternate 3 rd and 4th rows with row counter. 
I've had the pattern about ten years and finally made the vest. 

Time for a new knit cast on.....
hmmmmm I don't know what's next. 
After knitting on size 101/2s for that vest, I want to go back to little needles for a bit. 

 Our local Holiday Fair ended this weekend at the GROVE.
Al and I always went together.  I missed her this year. 
I found a bunch of things for those little gifts I need at really reasonable prices. 
Do you go to a Holly Fair each year or every other year or so?

a new wish list post is up at
Lots of fun ideas.


Mrs. Micawber said...

Cute hat! You are one prolific knitter. That vest would have stumped me too - the circle vests I've seen have two slits for armholes. Yours looks very cosy.

Our village had a holiday fair last weekend but I missed it.

Barbara Vidock said...

I think we've been there once - think about it every year but apparently not hard enough! Love the tassel topped hat - very cute!

Suburban prep said...

My husband and I were thinking of going to the festival at the Grove. Saw it when we had been at ABT the weekend before. Kind of cold this weekend.
We celebrated 16 yrs of marriage this weekend and we went and visited people before it started to snow a bit on Saturday evening.

Mrs. Micawber said...

P.S. It looks like Christmas here - we got snow and the weather's so cold it stuck. Did you get any?

Nancy said...

I'm intrigued with the vest. I think I've figured out how to wear it. . .

The homespun looks great knit as a hat. Very nice.

elns said...

You have been very industrious Kathy! The hat looks great and I can't wait to see the vest in action. I like how you wrote, "hilarity ensued ..." I was laughing just reading it.

KSD said...

I had the same "how do I wear this?" moment with a circle vest I once knit. Doesn't it make you feel ridiculous?

kathy b said...

yes, lovely quick snow

Katherine said...

The hat is so cute and such a pretty color! I had to draw a picture to get the idea of how the vest goes on but I think I have it figured out. It is ingenious and so very pretty!

SissySees said...

LOVE the vest. I still don't get how it goes on, but I bet the Knight would. The hat is darling.

Mistletoe Market is this weekend. CAN'T WAIT.

knitterbeader said...

Love, love, love the vest!! Lots of work, but looks like it paid off. The hat is very cute and the yarn color is really pretty.

Araignee said...

You are a machine! Love the hat. The pom is perfect.

Mereknits said...

The hat is awesome and I want to hear more about the vest.

Coralee said...

You knit...and finish...more projects in a week, than I have in a lifetime!! Thank goodness for inspiration like yours-- yarn stores should give you a commission for all the business you give them because of your great posts!! Thanks for keeping me honest. Have one Christmas scarf nearly finished, only 3 more to go!!

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