Friday, November 07, 2014

A Fine Finish with My Swap Yarn

 Happy Friday!  
I love weekends now that I am retired. 
They are an amazing part of each week that I missed out on for years.   Happy Friday! 
I finished the Double Roll Storm Hat which is an original pattern from Annie's Woolens in Eagle River. 

Tea's  swap  handspun wanted to be my new winter hat. 
It was the most well behaved yarn in my house! 
I have to make a pom for the top of it. 
The double roll is really run and easy to make. 
I haven't knitted this pattern in 10 years.  
There is nothing like a great pattern for equally great yarn. 
 I may have indulged in a cinnamon treat this morning.   Fireman and I met dear Emma Booshay for breakfast.  Mmmm,, Emma took us to Baker Miller Bakery in Lincoln Square. 
Donna Booshay has an amazing daughter.  
We liked her even before she took us to Baker Miller! Really we did.  There is nothing like a glass of milk with a cinnamon roll..
 We have gorgeous fallen leaves carpeting the lawns in our neighborhood.  God's pretty gift to us before the snow...Theres nothing like color before the grey arrives.
Someone is way ahead of the Turkey game. 
Not me!   
I came across these gobblers on my walk today. 
There's nothing like whimsy on a windy walk!


Araignee said...

Love that hat with the handspun. It's a perfect combo. I'm going to have to buy that pattern!

Nancy said...

I agree that the yarn and hat were made for each other. Very nice!

I fear the fabulous temps and Autumn weather will be gone after this weekend. Sigh!

SissySees said...

I will need a hat for my NOT MORNING run tomorrow. I'm honoring my old body and NOT running in below freezing temps (yet); instead, I'll go work a volunteer shift with a League friend, and then maybe hit the library book sale before heading home to grab the girls for a mid-day, hopefully in the 40s, run.

Judy S. said...

Cute hat and finished just in time! Heard that it's going to get chilly your way?Those cinnamon buns look very yummy. Have a great "retired" weekend!

Anonymous said...

Those turkey chair covers are ADORABLE! Love your photo of the leaves. I think that is one of the things that I miss the most about living up north. Oh well, maybe someday. Only 2-1/2 more years until Steve retires.

Your hat is very cute .....I'm sure you will be putting it to good use soon.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Handspun yarn makes the best hats!

Katherine said...

I love your hat!! The cinnamon bun looks yummy, the leaves are gorgeous and the turkey gobbler chairs are so funny. This is a happy post! Hope your weekend is the same.

Ingrid K. said...

Hi Kathy! Love your hat and the yarn you used! Very pretty!!!
Those cinnamon buns look yummy, I can almost imagine their smell, hmmm!!!
Have a happy weekend!
Ingrid xx

Mereknits said...

Very cute hat and I love those Thanksgiving decorations on that lovely porch.

Nancy Kay said...

Love the hat and the beautiful yarn you used. You may be wearing it soon!! The picture of the fallen leaves is very pretty. I agree, it's nice to see these pretty colors before all color disappears beneath the snow! We are to get to 60 degrees today, but Sunday evening a big cold front is coming through. Our highs next week will be around 30 degrees!! Good grief!! I hate to say farewell to the lovely fall weather we've had this year!

A big ol' cinnamon roll, frosted, with a cup of good coffee...along with good conversation with friends... an AWESOME combination. Or as they say... PRICELESS.

KSD said...

You are so right --- perfect hat for that yarn. Wear it in good health!

teabird said...

I'm so thrilled to see the yarn knitted into the perfect hat! Wear it in good health!

Caffeine Girl said...

What a darling hat! The yarn is perfect for that pattern.
I didn't know there was a yarn store in Eagle River. Guess I'll have to get up there one of these days.

Allison B said...

Those rocking chairs are so cute,

the lurker

SapphireBlue said...
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SapphireBlue said...

Our fall ended abruptly with the arctic vortex. I love your hat. That looks so warm. Those chairs are just too cute.

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