Monday, October 27, 2014

When the Dog Bites...when the bee sting

This is not a Trick ....or treat.
I began a new knit and it is not a Trap! 
It is however, a pattern by the same designer as Trap. 
Meet the Ridged Wrap. 
Free Ravelry pattern. 
I have 8 rows done.  
Not using the yarn she used. 
I've got that new pattern cast on feeling!

So here's a question:
how do you feel about dog bites?
I have a history of panic about dog bites. 
I was babysitting as a teenager when a dog bit someone I was taking care was my sweet cousin. 
I still feel guilty and I wasn't even in the room. 

I was not happy when Zach got bit in Mexico this summer. 

I returned a dog from a puppy store (ugh I hate to admit that one, about 15 years ago) when it bit Zach.

When an old dog bites, I say it is time to put it down.
When any dog bites I am inclined to have it put down.
I know it is harsh, but I have no tolerance for it. 
A relative got bit recently and a  party.

I think many dogs need to go to a quiet room during a raucous party.  I think letting dogs run when you have 30 plus people over is not really fair to the dog....

What are your thoughts?  Im curious. 
So many dog lovers read the blog....


Mereknits said...

I think it all depends on the circumstances and the dog. My Max gets overwhelmed with people and he hates kids. I know he never read the golden retriever manual. I have kept him away from children as much as I can and I always, and I mean always tell them to leave Max alone. He will give them a warning little growl if they get to close and then he will pick himself up and move away from them. He has never bit anyone, but I am always cautious with him. Love the new knitting.

Barbara Vidock said...

I was going to counter your point about the party bite but decided to be nice instead. :)

Barbara Vidock said...
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Nancy Kay said...

I think it's best to keep the dog in a quiet place of his/her own, unless the dog is really well behaved.

Nice new cast it!

Katherine said...

I absolutely agree that dogs should be confined when visitors arrive--and you know how we love our dogs. It is best for the dogs as well as the visitor. They are much more relaxed in their crates and it is such a habit now that when someone comes into the house we say, "go to your room" and they head straight for their crates. It just isn't fair to impose them on other people because many people don't like dogs as much as we do.

Our oldest son was bitten by a German Shepherd at the age of 11 while delivering newspapers. He still has the scars and doesn't like dogs at all. He does tolerate ours though.

Caffeine Girl said...

I agree that humans need to protect their dogs from situations where they might get agitated and bite. If an animals bits more than once, then you've got a problem.

Nancy said...

I think most animals get anxious around a group of people. Add individuals that don't like animals to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. I cringe when I hear people say their pet will not bite. They don't know how their pet will react to that particular person or situation. I agree that pets should be isolated at parties. Heck, sometimes, I want to be isolated at parties!

elns said...

I can sense your new cast on excitement from here, Kathy!

I don't have a dog and I haven't had one since I was a teenager and feel ill equipped to chime in. I would just hope everyone be considerate and aware and when necessary or unsure, perhaps err on the side of caution, since the other side can end up in actual physical pain and or damage to both human and animal family members.

KSD said...

I agree with the others; keeping the dogs apart and away from visitors is the best.

I really like the wrap; what color are you using?

Araignee said...

I've always had dogs but none of them were ever biters. The Mister, who is the biggest dog lover in the world, was a mailman for 37 years and has plenty of dog bite stories but they all begin and end with stupid owners. Any dog will bite in the right situation. It's up to us to control the situations.

karen said...

I'd be afraid of dogs if it bit anyone. I think it depends on the dog and the owners. I think as an owner you know your dog's demeanor and sometimes lots of accidents can be avoided.

I love the new knit! Look at you non-trap knitting :)

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