Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Someday...Maybe...I'll Knit This....

For those of you who guessed Trap...well, Of course! 
Here's Trap in Road to China light. 
Katherine (comfort zone) won the raffle. 
Now to find some goodies to send her!!!
She needs goodies what with her family losing their house to the fire and needing all her love and support now. 
Why do I adore this pattern? 
It makes me happy just to knit it. 
I have to admit: Road to China likes to tangle on itself. 
It was tough to frog and I lost some yardage but not much. 

This pattern is in Intereweave fall 2013. 
Love my library for the periodicals section.
I can dream right?
This Corrugated TUNIC is a drop stitch design.
I like it because the front and back have no shaping....
lazy me! 
is is going into my SOMEday maybe pile....
Do you have a someday maybe Pile?
The brothers are sharing a blanket on the couch.
So it must be Fall. 
The brothers have never had a fight. Ever. 
They don't even tussle. 
Pie tussles with ALL the cats. 
We intercept when she starts with Rozzy. 

Happy Tuesday. 
What's in your Someday Maybe knit pile?  


Suburban prep said...

I never really knew what a trap was until I went to Stitches this year and Webs had one on display. I have since made one.
Great items.
Hope you are feeling better.

Katherine said...

I'm so thrilled!!! It HAD to be a Trap. So, my maybe I'll knit this list starts with a trap scarf and continues with the Baby Surprise Jacket. One day.

Caffeine Girl said...

I think it is very rational to choose sweaters that have no shaping.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tank looks so stern. LOL I saw the cutest and skinniest stray today. If I was closer to home, I would have been very tempted to take it home.

Araignee said...

All my kitties are suddenly up in each others business. I had to take a broom to two of the old ones today to break them up. I've never seen such behavior. Maybe it's the weather?

Judy S. said...

Hurrah for the Trap!Sounds like you're feeling better? Our female felines are not friends..ever. Maybe only siblings get along? I'll bet some folks wish that were true for humans. LOL

karen said...

congrats to the winner!! I had a feeling that you were reknitting a favorite but I couldn't remember the name!! Oldies are lovely to reknit.

Nancy said...

My "Someday" pile is more like a mountain, but a girl can dream, right?

Mereknits said...

I am telling you that tunic would be a nightmare to make and as soon as you had it done and on you would think why did I put these stripes on my hips?

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