Friday, October 03, 2014

Rondelay and Everyday

 Fireman took this image last week. 
This Lllama cracked him up. 
His little fuzzy top was so darn soft. 
There is a new post up at the Threebagsfullcorner.blogspot site. 
One of the things I have not highlighted yet, is the Rondelay Shawl.
It is a purchase pattern on Ravelry.  
The construction is unique and involves 3 sections of short row shaping. 
They are knitting it up in Koigu at ThreebagsFull. 
I love Koigu. 

Every day here at Irisheyes involves these things in various
energy fields:

*Blog reading
*blog writing
*cat treats for Pie. 
*Coffee in the morning
*A talk or a text with AL
*prayers for my mom
*attention to the weather forecast
*pinching myself that I've retired
*listening to the scanner
*knitting, almost every day 

Whats part of your everyday these days?


Nancy Kay said...

The picture of you and Llama is adorable!! Don't you love his big dark eyes? Melt.

My daily routine certainly involves time reading and writing blogs, having that good cup of chai latte, and, playing the piano, and knitting.

Nancy said...

Fireman took a great photo of you and your new pal.

My daily routine includes reading the news online, reading waaaay too many blogs, sipping black tea, streaming last night's TV shows while I knit a few rows, and squeezing in some exercise.

Suburban prep said...

I must say that my routine changes up all the time.
On days that my husband has off we like to spend them together even if it is only going to the grocery store or Costco (as we did today).

On other days it varies. But I must say there is always time in the evening mainly to knit.

Oh I should say I do get onto the computer every now and again and read what interests me.

Anonymous said...

I see that you are making new friends in your retirement. Your llama buddy is adorable!!!

Part of my everyday? Knitting for sure, reading blogs, and time to enjoy reading a real book.

Katherine said...

You are so cute enjoying that llama!! They are such sweet animals.

I love your new retired routine, and just think, you can change it up any way you want because--you are retired. (I just like saying it!)

Reading is part of my everyday routine. I never go anywhere without my Kindle.

elns said...

I love the Llama & Kathy pic! I try to coffee everyday, sometimes it's only half a cup but I always like to have a little milky sweet love in the morning. I like to follow the weather report and I'm a fan of BBC News and The Guardian news. I try to knit almost everyday too. September was rough, but I'm feeling good about October. I tell my boys i love them everyday.

Judy S. said...

Don't those llamas have just the longest eyelashes? That's a really cute photo, Kathy. Ever since we got home our days have included lots of laundry and sleeping. Today I went to my quilt group and did a little knitting and blogging. We also took a nice walk; it's definitely fall here.

Araignee said...

Sweet Llama! You're brave to get so close. I'm scared to death of them.

My daily routine is filled with too many things I don't want to do. After four years of being retired I still haven't figured out how to make quality time for myself before I'm too worn out to enjoy it. Now that's a whine if I ever heard one....

SapphireBlue said...

Looks like the llama is wearing a toupee.

Alyssa said...

I don't know what I would do everyday if I was retired - probably knit all the things I want to knit! But only a little bit per day because of my wrists :(

Mereknits said...

Love the picture of you and your friend.

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