Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My List for Today

In no particular order,
Without fanfare,
and with room for adjustment
this is my very ordinary day plan:

*Donate blood.  Round this time a few years ago I had surgery and needed to be transfused twice.  Gotta give back.  
Gotta beat fireman in our race; he always finishes donating first. 

*Knit ---oh Road To China Light yarn, I'm in love. 

*Roast a 16 pound turkey in the oven.  No it isn't Thanksgiving, but it was on sale.  If I'm going to give blood, I have to have a good dinner right?
Gravy counts as fluids; they always say drink plenty of fluids today. 

*Doctor appointment-
Feeling great.  Is there a direct correlation between this and not working since August 8th?  
Yup, the units I  work on have slowed to a crawl and I'm only too happy about it. 
Sort of retirement practice…
adjustment?  What adjustment?  This is heavenly! 
I feel a bit guilty about this..
and that's simply silly.
Hospital nursing for 31 years is no picnic. 
I eat better, get my steps in and 
feel better than I have in …..
a long time when I'm not doing nurse work. 

*Read your blogs - 
I love to read your blogs. 

*Show you this amazing knit up that was on String Theory's blog this morning.
Clever clever clever. ….don't you love clever?


fancystitching said...

Yes, gravy is a fluid... so is ice cream, by the way, since it melts to a fluid state, and it has MILK in it so it is health food! Yes, that is indeed clever knitting... is it a mouse pad?

Bridget said...

Personally, I would not want to live in a world where gravy is not considered a liquid ... :-)

Whatcha knitting with the Road to China Light (sooooo nice!)?

Suburban prep said...

My husband donates blood and he donated platelets when my sister was undergoing treatment for Non-Hodgkin's. He and one of my brothers were her platelet factories.
Due to a health issue I do not donate.
I try and drink about 70 ounces of liquid a day--mostly water--kidney stones in the past.
I hope all goes well at the Dr's.

Nancy Kay said...

I'm curious too...what are you knitting with road to China Light???

Katherine said...

You can do so much with that turkey! And yes, you drink that gravy down because you deserve it after donating blood. Also, don't feel guilty about not missing work. I wish I had the chance to miss it! I love the way that word retirement rolls off the tongue!

Love the iPad cover. Such a cute idea.

Dee said...

Ordinary days are the best kind.

Just don't forget a lot of water so your veins are easy to find. :::wink:::

kathy b said...

Im knitting a garter cowl! see yesterday s post for all the details :)

Nancy said...

Roasted turkey sounds fantastic!

I haven't donated blood in ages, but I really should since I'm B negative. They're always happy to see me walk in.

elns said...

Kathy, I love your posts. You always pick me up! You are good through and through. You do a lot for our world, just by way of occupation (the whole family in fact!) but you still manage to bring things full circle in your personal life as well.

I love you are impulsively making a turkey. I tell you, my love for good gravy knows no bounds. In fact, I'm having some from the leftovers of a roast chicken dinner last night. So I'm with ya all the way!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Nursing is a tough job. Congrats to you on being a nurse so long.

Araignee said...

Mmmm....I can just smell that roasting turkey and I bet it was wonderful. And it is amazing how healthy we feel once we stop working. There is something to that stress thing.

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