Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Did I show you my newest COUPLE?
Allison found this one in Chicago and gave it to me for my birthday. 
This is the only bride I have with a real dress.  
I love my Wedding collection. 

I was thinking about my favorite patterns yesterday.

Here are a few that I've loved over the years: 

*The Baby Raglan sweater is so simple and sweet.
(Nomad Yarns Simple Baby Pullover)

*Knitting Pure and Simple's Raglan

*Any round dishcloth 

*Trap of course

*The Linus Dog Sweater. 
Also very easy

*All socks

*My Oat Couture Vest.
This one was finished by Martha at Three Bags Full.
It has a zipper front and it is so warm .

*The Pickles' children's Vest.
Clever construction with no finishing. 

*The Mizzle Shawl

There are many others.  
If you are pondering a new knit up, 
you may want to check out the above.
I usually pick very easy patterns. 
Well no, I always pick easy patterns…

What are some of your all time favorite patterns?


Anonymous said...

Most of my favorites are socks: Monkey, Tidal Wave, Blueberry Waffle.

I have Mizzle (and the yarn to make it) in my stash.

elns said...

I LOVE the new wedding couple! That dress is so snazzy. Can I still say snazzy? I am liking little coffee bean, baby sophisticate and tea leaves. Shawl/scarf I liked The hitchhiker and Antarktis -- though it pains me to spell it everytime. I may have it wrong. I'm going to follow Dee's lead and try and pick up some favorite sock patterns besides Mr. Dress-up.

Nancy said...

I imagine the bridal couples are difficult to find anymore - you latest is perfect.

Hmmm, favorite patterns - Baby Surprise Jacket, Simply Stripes baby blanket, plain Jane socks, STEPPE sweater.

Mereknits said...

Her dress is quite lovely. I have too many favorites but the Elise Shawl and the Olive Twist Ahalw are my favorite crochet patterns, I have way too many knitting patterns to pick a favorite.

SapphireBlue said...

That's awesome. I wonder how old it is.

SissySees said...

The kickbag is the only favorite at the moment, and you already know I'm frogging the current rendition there. Hrmph.

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