Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Sound Bites ….

 *Lilies in bloom all around our block. 
 *Baby sweater fun goes on using Chesapeake yarn. 
 *Watched Groundhog day and Jaws …..so far this week. 
*Threebagsfull Yarn Crawl happenings….

*My very tasty son, Zach, got bit by a dog in Mexico over the weekend.  
His guardian angel was watching over him.
Long-distance worry ensued.
Veterinarians Sister, Brother in Law and pal Kristine helped sort the risks out.  
Reassuring Veterinarian on the Island of Mujeres went out of his way to calm us.  
Risk of rabies, very very remote.
No need for rabies injections. 
It was a sound bite, but he'll have the scar to show the rest of his life.  
Just like the shark catchers on Jaws…


Nancy Kay said...

Beautiful lily!! A yarn crawl sounds so fun; I've never been on one, but plan to get to a place where they have one. Glad to hear your son is OK.

Nancy said...

Glad that Zach is going to be okay, but I'm sure you'll continue to worry until he gets home safely.

Love the baby sweater and the blooms.

Katherine said...

Poor Zach! I'm so glad he is okay. Being bitten by a dog is so scary! I used to tell my kids that scars show character. I also would say to them, "your knee will heal but look what you have done to those jeans!" I'm glad they can laugh about all that now.

Amy at love made my home said...

I am glad that Zach is OK. xx

SissySees said...

Beautiful flowers and baby knit, but so sorry Zach was bitten! Dog bites are very painful. Hugs and prayers...

Araignee said...

Oh, wow....what a huge scare. Glad to hear it turned out okay.

karen said...

thank goodness! phew! I was wondering what was the verdict. Isn't it nice when family help out to sort out information?? Glad you are now worry free for your son.

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