Saturday, August 09, 2014

Little Ones

 *We have cardinal babies.  This little one is just learning to fly. 
You have to let them fly… can't keep them in the nest forever...
 *My second baby cardigan in Chesapeake is blue but it may be for a girl.  You have to let them dress themselves, someday.
When they are dolly sized, you can dress them however you want. 
*Children at the beach last night were sand happy.
You find sand in their ears and between their toes for days afterwards..
You have to let them learn to eat their sandwiches before they get sandy, or else you have to let them eat a little sand. 

This week my youngest niece , Maria, was visiting from Arizona again.  She is the caboose.  She was an oops.  She makes us laugh. 
She was asking questions about my mother, who has Alzheimer's now.  She asked how she would die.  
She asked in a very calm way.  She watched Heaven is For Real and she believes that little boy.  
My sister, her mother, told her 
"She will forget to breathe." 

That's not accurate. But I am the aunt, not the mother. 
I did not correct her. 
I just hope Maria isn't thinking,
"Must remember to breathe..must remember to breathe" 

You have to let them ask tough questions….
and you have to say 
"I Don't KNow" sometimes!


KSD said...
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KSD said...

This is an absolutely beautiful post. Thank you.

knitterbeader said...

Agreed - beautiful post in so many ways!

Amy at love made my home said...

How lovely to have a cardinal baby! I wonder if you will get to see it in the winter. xx

Mereknits said...

She will not forget to breathe, that is silly, she may go in many different ways but that is not one of them. As for the sand, I thought I was over that stage, and yet I find myself right back in it with Little Buddy. He is not a sand lover yet, but he will be.

SissySees said...

Alzheimer's is a cruel disease. At least four of my great aunts suffered, and I wonder if I will someday?

Love the photos. I'd like some sand between my toes. That's about the only way I tolerate sand, but the furgirls eat it regularly.

Araignee said...

You left me speechless with Just wow.

Anonymous said...

Yes ....forgetting to breath probably wasn't the best way to put that. I remember the "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer. I always thought the "if I should die before I wake" was a horrible way to end a child's evening. We didn't say that prayer with Stephen. I know the intent was good, but..............

kathy b said...

We never said the die before I wake part either.. We said, Matthew Mark Luke and John
Blessthe bed that I lay one
there are four corners round my bed
Four bright angels round them spread.
Matthew Mark Luke and John Bless the bed that I lay on

Nancy said...

A wonderful post. Death and heaven are difficult concepts for anyone to understand, but children do need to have their questions answered honestly.

Katherine said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for the reminder that little ones are so very precious.

karen said...

beautiful post and I love the sand photo :) How lovely you sat and thought of your own answer, love how the young ones are wide eyed and honest in the questions!

Caffeine Girl said...

I envy your close-up view of the baby birds. What a unique experience!
Oh, those difficult questions. Looking back, I probably should have said "I don't know" more often to my own kids. But there is this desire to give a child an answer.

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