Friday, August 08, 2014

LIons and Tigers and Bears Oh mY

 Fireman, or Retired Fireman, had some pressure treated lumber left over from a project.   We built a bench for the fire pit on Wednesday.  I was the go-for..  
I learned so much. 
Mostly, I learned that all those tools RF (Retired Fireman) 
had asked for all these years for gifts, actually have a purpose. And 
I thought they just played together on the basement tool bench. 
 As an added surprise, RF made me some birch candle holders, too.
I love to light up the porch at night with candles. 

Last night RF wanted a campfire.
I asked him to test the yard for mosquitos while he was looking for  kindling.  No mosquitoes…
We started the fire.  
Then the bats came out. 
I don't do well with bats flying around.
RF just laughed. 
I was sitting on the new bench. 
It was lovely except the bats seemed to get closer and closer. 
 RF just laughed.
A mosquito bit him on the tenderest part of the foot and 
THAT did it. 
We retreated to the screened porch to watch the fire in comfort.
Within a few minutes, a quiet little skunk wandered through the yard….
and we were both glad we were on the porch. 
(Bats and Mosquitos and Skunks, Oh my!)

I've never had luck with Phlox.  My dear  mother-in-law could grow them like crazy.  This year, I've got a bloom. 
I love the pink blossoms.   I also love the pink yarns at 3 Bags in the Claudia's Handpaint lineup. 

Happy Friday. 


Nancy Kay said...

Fireman is quite a handyman; those tools can do wondrous things. Love the bench; love the birch candles. I think I'd keep this guy around! Too bad the bats came out...because it sounds like a great evening around the firepit. And the skunk wouldn't romance me much either. Ha.

I got the biggest kick out of how you made your way to the yarn in the end. Good one, Kathy!! LOL.

Vera said...

A skunk! Yikes - good thing you two were on the porch. Love your birch log candle holders. I have a small birch log that my husband drilled holes in for pretty especially at Christmas with a red tablecloth and red tapers. Now I want some like you have - lol. I'll show them to my husband and who knows? Maybe I'll get some. Love the bench too (the way it is curved). Enjoy your weekend.

Katherine said...

I love the bench and candle holders!! RF is quite handy and talented. We have those quiet little skunks walk through our back yard a lot, and of course the dogs are not quiet when it happens. Max had a bath yesterday because he smelled ever so slightly of a skunk who was passing through.

The flowers are beautiful and the yarns are yummy. I like pink almost as much as blue!

kathy b said...

I do try to bing the post full circle some how….I really do

Mrs. Micawber said...

What a great bench and lovely candleholders!

Guys have tools, we have yarn and hooks (or needles). They probably feel just as surprised when we produce something useful from OUR stash, using OUR tools, as we feel when they do from theirs. Of course our tools are quiet and fade into the background, while theirs are noisy and attention-grabbing. Seems appropriate somehow. :)

Beautiful phlox and yarn.

Grace said...

Those yarns are to die for, I don't like bats either!

knitterbeader said...

Wow, you had quite the wildlife around you last night. Good thing you have a screened porch to run to. We only have bunny rabbits, lizards and doves around here. There is also the occasional snakes and scorpions, but I've not seen any in my backyard. The candles are beautiful - good job by hubs.

Mereknits said...

The bench and candle holders are brilliant. I love birch trees, they remind me of northern Michigan. Sigh, I miss the north. I saw a bat flying around last night while walking with Little Buddy and Max, they don't bother me a bit unless they want to bite my neck.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great candle holders!

Araignee said...

Squeeeee........that yarn photo made me soooooo happy! I need to go knit something. Now.

SissySees said...

Claudia is an almost local to me company!

Love the bench and the birch candle holders. Don't love bats or 'skeeters much at all.

Amy at love made my home said...

What a lovely bench!! I really like the candleholders too, just right for using outside by your fire. xx

Nancy said...

Hey, the bats are out to eat the mosquitoes, so they should be welcome guests to your yard.

The bench and candle holders are wonderful. Kudos to Fireman.

SapphireBlue said...

Impressive candle holders. Way to re-purpose!

P.S. I started back up my blog. I took a break for a while.
I am just catching up with my blog reading, so sorry if some of my comments are really late.

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