Friday, July 04, 2014

A Very HAPPY Independence Day

 In our little corner of the world the fireworks start on the 3rd of July,
The parade is on the 4th. 
 Dear friends and neighbors, Rita and her daughter Christine
live on the parade route.  We were invited for a shady spot on their lawn and cool beverages. 

 I finally met Rita's sister Hope.  I was talking her ear off until Rita told me that Hope can't hear.  Hope is a sweet adult with Down's Syndrome.   I love Down's syndrome souls…
Tonight our town hosts a huge fireworks display from the public golf course.  The weather is ideal, the crowds will be large.   I want to stay home and knit tonight.  Tank is not a fan of fireworks and I want to be home for him.  
Neighbors will be shooting off their own fireworks as if we don't have enough professional sparks, until late.  

Wow, having worked for years on these Holidays, I can see how exhausting all this fun is.  Oh and I have to keep telling myself:
it is only Friday.  


Caffeine Girl said...

I love that it's only Friday!

I stopped braving the fireworks crowds after the kids outgrew them. I'd rather stay home and knit!

Katherine said...

We are home with the doggies because they don't like fireworks. Oddly, it is 10:30 and there are no popping sounds over the lake behind our house. This is the first year that fireworks haven't started as soon as dark settled. Wonder what's up!

Dee said...

We had a better fireworks display out back of us than the city could put on. I can't imagine what people pay for all that. Wowza.

Glad you had a good seat for the parade. I didn't find out until too late that there was one in a town close to us. Oh well, next year!

Nancy said...

Even though it's illegal here to shoot off fireworks in town (city displays are allowed) many large booms were heard in my neighborhood about 10 & then well after midnight.

Mereknits said...

I miss smaller town holiday parades, we lived in Oconomowoc WI for 9 months and there was a parade for everything!
Hope you had a great 4th, enjoy your weekend,

Araignee said...

Our fireworks got canceled because of Arthur so they are going off tonight. I'm hoping pup doesn't notice but that's wishful thinking. She barked all night at the ones the neighbors were putting off and they are nothing compared to what's going off in a couple of hours over the bay.

Judy S. said...

Hope you had a great Fourth, Kathy!

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